158 wheel loader for sale Australia

158 wheel loader for sale Australia
158 wheel loader for sale Australia
158 wheel loader for sale Australia
158 wheel loader for sale Australia
158 wheel loader for sale Australia
YN 25T(490T)
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
Delivery Time
7-10 day
FOB Price
Wheel loader is a construction machinery with a wide range of uses. Its main function is to delivery loose materials. It is developed fast in construction machinery, the largest production and sales volume and market demand. It has good loading and unloading performance and maneuverability.158 wheel loader has a good advantage in Australia.

158 wheel loader for sale Australia specification

Rated bucket capacity0.7m³
Hopper width1800mm
Rated load1500kg
Total weight4280kg
Engine typeYN 25T(490T)
Power of engine55kW
Dumping height3200mm
Dumping reach720mm
Minimum ground clearance240mm
Minimun Turning4585mm
Unloading angle35°
Axle小轮边Small Hub Reduction Axle
Distance between axles2300mm
Distance between wheels1490mm
Transmission assembly265 Double High- Low speed Separated  Gear Box
Maximum fuel consumption230g/kw·h

158 loader weight 4280kg bucket size 1800mm rated bucket capacity 0.7m³ rated loading mass 1500kg super large discharge height 3200mm minimum ground clearance is 240mm, overall size is 5780*1880*2730, tire type 20.5/70-16 is equipped with Chaoyang Tires, domestic well-known brands, three-year warranty period. Minimum turning radius 4585mm.which has a good reputation in Australian market.


158 wheel loader price in Australia

Compared with Deere wheel loader,Compact wheel loaders typically sell for between $40,000 and $130,000.

158 wheel loader in Australia is from $8000 to $ 12000

158 wheel loader are in high quality and factory price.

The appearance adopts the combination of Chinese and European style,Changed the design concept of similar products,The color is gray and yellow, simple but special. so that 158 has a good market in Australia.


158 wheel loader usage in Australia

158 wheel loader usage in Australia,such as infrastructure construction, municipal garden construction, building demolition, port loading and unloading, etc. Due to its compact and small size, it can meet almost all small construction needs, and has obvious advantages in narrow spaces and special working conditions such as indoors, high-rise buildings, and tunnels.158 wheel loader is suitable for the Australian market, whether it is for self-use or lease, its characteristics will bring you more markets.


158 wheel loader advantages in Australia

Standing firmly and gain a certain position in the global market, in addition to excellent products, timely and efficient service guarantee is indispensable

Passed CAE test, The finite element analysis is carried out on the structural parts of the loader ,Uniform distribution of force,Avoid excessive local stress, Extend equipment lifetime

Maximum steering angle up to 35°, The turning radius is only 4.85 meters, Good passability, Easy to use, more suitable for narrow site operations

The 158 loader can be specially customized in Australia, and the after-sales service is perfect. If necessary, engineers can be dispatched to assist in understanding the product and developing the market.


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