2 tons rated load wheel loader in Australia

2 tons rated load wheel loader in Australia
2 tons rated load wheel loader in Australia
2 tons rated load wheel loader in Australia
2 tons rated load wheel loader in Australia
2 tons rated load wheel loader in Australia
HUAFENG 4102 turbo
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
Rated load
2 tons rated load wheel loader in Australia adopt 2022 new design and more fashionable, the engine is strong power, high performance, wide operating range, can be equipped with quick-change device, four-in-one bucket, fork, hydraulic adjustable forks,pallet forks, road sweeper, snow blower, rotary Pit machines, lawn mowers, grippers, grass forks, European grips and other attachments can meet the needs of different foreign customers

2 tons rated loader wheel loader Working environment in Australia

The compact body structure and small turning radius make our machines suitable for various working conditions in Australia: construction sites, ports, docks, stations, freight yards, grain yards, paper mills, municipal construction, greening and other narrow working space.

Because this loader is only 2 tons, it is small. This means that this loader can adapt to many narrow construction environments. In the process of municipal construction in Australia, there must be many construction environments that large loaders cannot intervene. Then our 2-ton small wheeled loader can be of great use.


Specifications of Best selling 2 tons rated load wheel loader

Total Weight5550kg
Rated bucket capacity0.65m³
Rated load2800kg
Engine typeHUAFENG 4102 turbo
Power of engine76kW
Dumping height3500mm
Dumping reach1020
Maximum steering angle35°
Minimum ground clearance310mm
Minimun Turning4650mm
Lift time6.5s
Bucket width2080
Rated speed2400 rpm
maximum torque 374N·n
cylinder diameter102mm
Fuel tank 90L
Hydraulic oil tank90L
Axle distance2440

Many of our customers are from Australia. We have made certain adjustments to the 2-ton wheel loader according to some of their needs. These data adjustments are also to better meet the Australian market and adapt to more application scenarios. If you want to purchase such a small wheel loader for sale in bulk, some of the functions can be customized. If there is a requirement, you can contact our experts.

2 tons rated loader wheel loaders selling point in Australia

  1. The double-arm structure enhances the structural stability and improves the tensile strength.

  2. Built-in side lugs for hydraulic pipelines make pipeline laying more reasonable and clear.

  3. The steering cylinder is placed in the middle to improve the stability of the machine.

  4. The position of the priority valve move to front and the pipeline direction is more reasonable, which is convenient for maintenance.

  5. Bucket enlarged and deepened.

The features of 2 tons rated load wheel loader are more suitable for the Australian market, which is beneficial to your sales or rental business in Australia. If you want to know more about compact wheel loader, you can contact our experts


The growth of the 2 tons rated loader wheel loader in the Australia market

According to the current customers in the eBay, Alibaba's searches,2 tons rated loader wheel loader in the Australia sells well like hot cakes, also is one of our main product in Australia, as industry and trade integrated company, we provide a full range of services, from whole machine to parts, we can give solutions to the customers in the first time.

Australia is one of luyu important overseas markets, we will take the most reliable products and the fastest service as the foundation, and quickly open the small wheel loader to increase in the Australian market


Customer focus on the 2 tons rated load wheel loader in Australia:

  1. Delivery time 7-10 days after received the prepayment

  2. One year warranty once the customer received the machine

  3. Payment method:30% TT as prepayment, the remaining 70% should be paid after loading machines

If you want to buy 2 tons rated load wheel loader for sale or lease in Australia, we will provide you with the fastest delivery and sincere after-sales service to help you do business in the Australian market


advantages of Best selling 2 tons rated load wheel loader in Australia

We can provide highly customized services to meet different customer needs. With a wide range of products and a variety of attachments, it is a one-stop purchasing platform for customers. The quality is reliable and guaranteed, and the after sales service is provided to relieve customers' worries about using the machine.

LUYU will be your best choice, let us develop and grow stronger together. 


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