906C wheel loader for sale in USA

906C wheel loader for sale in USA
906C wheel loader for sale in USA
906C wheel loader for sale in USA
906C wheel loader for sale in USA
906C wheel loader for sale in USA
906C wheel loader for sale in USA
Yanmar 3TNV88-BS SY(Option Kubota 1505-E4)
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
Rated load
LUYU latest upgrade is a compact wheel loader sale in the USA, equipped with the YANMAR 3TNV88 engine, which is economical and fuel efficient. Meet EPA4 emission standards, if you want to buy wheel loaders in bulk in USA, LUYU is your reliable partner

Wheel Loader Specifications


Yanmar 3TNV88-BS SY(Option Kubota 1505-E4)

Engine Power


Rated Rotational Speed

2200 (turn/min)



Drive Form

Hydrostatic Motor Drive

Breaking Form

Rear Axle Hydraulic Shoe Brake


26*12-12 Agricultural Tire



Unloading Height(mm)


Unloading Distance(mm)


Unloading Angle(°)


Minimum Ground Clearance(mm)


Turning Radius(mm)


Driving Speed




Truck base(mm)


Total Weight(kg)


Maximum Lift Weight(kg)


Bucket Width(mm)


Rated Bucket Capacity(m³)


Lifting Time(s)


Loading Time(s)


Landing Time(s)


Hydraulic System Pressure(Mpa)


The configuration of 906C wheel loader is suitable for sale and use in USA. If you are an end user, your work content is clear and single, such as: farm, garden, courtyard, etc., you will know what configuration you need.

If you're looking to buy wheel loaders in bulk to sell or lease nearby, make a list of the work environments you're likely to encounter, contact our experts, and we'll give you the best recommendations.


wheel loader hydrostatic system VS hydromechanical transmission

LUYU latest compact wheel loader uses a hydrostatic system. The traditional hydromechanical transmission mode is increasingly unable to meet customers' needs for fuel economy and control comfort. Hydrostatic loaders are the general trend.

The high-efficiency area of hydromechanical transmission is very narrow, and the low-speed stability is poor. For construction vehicles with low driving speed and frequent starting, braking and reversing, the total transmission efficiency is low, resulting in large system heating and poor operability. Driving Staff fatigue strength is high. Relatively speaking, the structure is complex, the cost is high, and the maintenance difficulty leads to high maintenance costs in the later period. If you sell wheel loaders in the United States, after-sales service is one of your highest costs.

The weight of the whole machine with hydrostatic transmission is generally lighter, and the implementation efficiency of the wheel loader will be relatively high when running at low speed. Under these conditions, the hydrostatic loader will have a stronger work efficiency.

For hydrostatic loaders, it is also necessary to carry out high-load work. Since the operation is adjusted by hydraulic pressure, such as lifting the boom, sometimes the material that can be lifted only by stepping on the accelerator is halfway. The way of the throttle can also be lifted smoothly, but the speed is relatively slow. But if you can make good use of this, the consumption efficiency can naturally be reduced a lot.

If you start a wheel loader sales business in the United States, LUYU's compact wheel loader can significantly improve fuel economy and handling comfort, and greatly enhance the competitiveness of the entire vehicle.


compact wheel loader price in USA

Compact wheel loader is popular in landscaping, with digging and moving materials, LUYU 906C wheel loader The minimum turning radius is 2150mm, which is suitable for narrow workplaces

The price of a compact wheel loader sale in the USA is $11,000 to $13,000, depending on the configuration you need


Purchase process of 906C compact wheel loader

  1. Looking for a reliable wheel loader manufacturer, buy wheel loader directly from LUYU will bring you many benefits, because LUYU is a wheel loader manufacturer and one of the wheel loader brands in China, which will be better than buy a wheel loader from your local of resellers buy 30% less cost.

  2. Determine your working conditions, LUYU sales team can provide customized solutions for your work content and budget

  3. Pay the prepayment and deliver within 7-10 days after receiving the prepayment

  4. Payment method: 30% TT prepaid, the remaining 70% paid after installation

  5. 1 year warranty after receiving the machine


LUYU has a wealth of experience in sale wheel loaders in the USA, whether you are a wholesaler or an end user, we will propose the best solution for you, if you are interested in us, please contact us experts, Get a Free Consultation Service Now

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Awesome customer service and the wheel loader machine is high quality and operates like a charm!! Very happy with this purchase and will order from this Company again!

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