Brand new excavator for sale philippines

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Brand new excavator for sale philippines
Excavator is one of our most common excavation equipment. It is mainly used for the excavation of foundation pits (slots) or pipe trenches, independent foundation pits and slopes below the working surface; straight line and curve excavation, maintaining a certain angle Excavation, ultra-deep trench excavation and trench slope excavation, etc. The newly designed compact excavator of the LUYU brand is sale in the Philippines. With its cheapest price, strong power, latest design and high quality, it has always been trusted and affirmed by Filipino users.

Philippine new excavator market growth

In recent years, with the adjustment of the Philippine national policy, the local infrastructure construction has developed rapidly, and the market demand for excavators is also increasing.

The Philippines is one of the important markets for LUYU's overseas layout. LUYU has focused on the new excavator that is suitable for the Philippine region as the local main sales model.

In recent years, the market demand in various countries has been strong. Especially after the launch of the “Build, Build, Build” plan in the Philippines in 2017, the market demand for excavators has grown explosively, with a growth rate of more than 20% for two consecutive years. The main battlefield, the industry competition intensifies.

brand new mini backhoe for sale philippines

Backhoe excavators are the common ones we have seen. They are mainly used for excavation of foundation pits (grooves) or pipe trenches, independent foundation pits and slopes below the shutdown surface; basic, curved excavation, and maintaining a certain angle Excavation, ultra-deep trench excavation and trench slope excavation, etc. The backhoe is backed down, forcibly cutting the soil. It can be used for excavation below the shutdown working surface. The basic operation methods are: ditch end excavation, ditch side excavation, straight line excavation, curve excavation, maintaining a certain angle excavation, ultra-deep trench excavation and trench slope excavation, etc. The characteristics of excavation are "backward and downward, forcibly cutting the soil". Its digging force is smaller than that of the front shovel, and it can excavate one to three types of soil below the stop surface. Pipe trenches are also suitable for excavation of wet soil, soil with high water content and below the groundwater level, and soil at a higher groundwater level.

Since the operating conditions in the Philippines are mainly sand and gravel plants and construction sites, the LUYU brand new mini backhoe is equipped with KOOP192F engine, which is suitable for the main market application of philippines. The compact mini backhoe can be constructed in narrow areas and easily solve the problem of heavy equipment.

LUYU LZ-10 new compact mini backhoe excavator specifications





bucket capacity


Excavation height


Excavation depth


Dumping height


Ground clearance


Wheel spacing


Chassis width




Radius of gyration


Bucket width


Track width


Track length


Transport length


Vehicle height


Vehicle size


Vertical excavation depth


Ground excavation radius


Bulldozer lift height


LUYU new compact 1 Ton mini backhoe excavator After market research, the newly designed new compact mini backhoe excavator will be adjusted in terms of specifications. The compact mini backhoe excavator is the cheapest and fully equipped. If you are interested in the new mini backhoe excavator, it meets the needs of Filipino users. Interested, please contact usfor a free consultation quote

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Cost of new mini excavators

Mini excavator prices vary widely based on machine size, digging depth, horsepower and the features you choose. Prices range from $20,000 to $90,000, although most models cost between $30,000 and $40,000.


  1. CAT provides a full range of compact excavators ranging from 2,061 lbs with a 13 HP engine up to a 22,451 lbs machine with a 69.5 HP engine. Depending on their size, the mini backhoe have a maximum dig depth of between 68 and 205 inches. 

    Caterpillar's 300.9D model is the most compact excavator in the world, and the cost is $33000-$37000 .

  2. Bobcat has been around the longest in the USA, so you‘d expect the company to have the most experience producing earthmoving equipment. They manufacture a variety of small excavating equipment for use in many different industries. Bobcat‘s various models have weights ranging from 2,593 lbs up to 18,977 lbs to suit different applications.  

    if you want to buy the latest model, the cost is $20000 - $30000.

  3. Kubota has traded since 1890 and provides many types of earthmoving equipment globally. The company is proud of its products and advertises its high durability, superior performance, and easy maintenance. Finally, Kubota‘s products are as much at home on the construction site as in the garden or a forest. There are many models of Kubota, the cost of all excavators is different, $49000-$77000 .

  4. Yanmar began trading in Japan in 1912 and started up Yanmar Tractor (USA) Inc in 1979. They were already supplying John Deere with large tractors and had already introduced one of the first mini excavators in 1968. Yanmar also introduced the first swing boom excavator and the first excavator with zero tail swing.Yammer's smallest mini excavator is the SV40. The cost of each excavator is different. The used SV40 is about $69,900 .

  5. Komatsu was originally a Japanese company established in 1921. But, now trade worldwide and established themselves in America in 1970. They are the world‘s second–largest construction equipment supplier .There are also many types of Komatsu models, and the cost range is $24000-$80000 .

  6. LUYU machinery established in 2005 which registered fund RMB 50 million, is one of the Chinese leading wheel loader wheel excavator,Backhoe Loader and Forklift manufacturer and supplier,our factory is located at the junction of three cities(Yantai, Weifang and Qingdao)-Laizhou Shahe industrial trade park which covers an ares of more than 120,000 square meters.

    The cost of LUYU new mini excavators will vary depending on the model, $3000-$10,000

If you are interested in LUYU New compact mini excavator, please contact us, our experts will provide you with free consulting services


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