How much does a wheel loader cost

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How much does a wheel loader cost
The wheel loader has the characteristics of light weight, fast travel speed, good mobility, short operation cycle time and high efficiency. The wheel loader does not damage the road, can be transferred to the site by itself, and can be used as transportation equipment within a short transportation distance. LUYU can produce various models of wheel loaders in order to meet the market demand, and the cost of different models of wheel loaders is different

If you want to buy a wheel loader 

Selecting the model of wheel loader

Since there are many wheel loader manufacturers in the market, you need to know enough about wheel loader machine before choosing one

If you are a user and need to deal with repetitive work or you have a fleet of wheel loaders, you will know what type of wheel loader you need. If you are dealing with jobs that are not repetitive and have uncertainty, you need to consider how to use a wheel loader, list some of the jobs you are likely to encounter now, and mark the jobs that come up multiple times. Using the bucket more, or snow plowing, or wood grabbers? In order to achieve better performance with the machine, you need to focus on the wheel loader machine's horsepower, load rating, machine dead weight, fuel consumption, etc. The cost of wheel loader varies from configuration to configuration. Buy the wheel loader that best suits your needs

Efficiency of wheel loaders

If your project requires high efficiency of wheel loaders, then you need to consider the wheel loader configuration. compact wheel loader is more flexible, with faster speed, saving time to move from one job site to another, the engine and bucket of medium-sized wheel loaders can finish the job in the fastest time, with a high cost-effective advantage.

There are many types of wheel loaders, and buyers can customize them according to their needs

How to choose the brand of wheel loader

There are many brand manufacturers of wheel loaders, such as John Deere, Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu, etc. These companies are proven for many years, high quality wheel loader machine, the same wheel loader cost will also be higher. In addition there are some unknown brand manufacturers, wheel loader features and configurations are equally complete, and the price is lower. If the quality, price, and warranty of the machine meet your expectations, the brand of the wheel loader is of secondary importance.


If you want to rent or lease a wheel loader

Renting or leasing a wheel loader can be one of the great ways to control costs, but if the rented wheel loader doesn't work, your money will be wasted.

Usually, dealers and rental companies stock the most popular machines on the market, and you need to be clear about how you are going to use the wheel loader for your job. if it is working in tight places, you need an articulated wheel loader. to dig in raw ground, you need enough explosive power. If you rent a wheel loader that doesn't perform as you expect, it's a waste of money.

Know the level of your operators

If the rented wheel loader is operated by a professional, discuss the wheel loader's control functions with the operator, who is often experienced, and if the operator cannot be accommodated, the rented wheel loader's production capacity will be affected.

On the other hand, if the wheel loader is operated by a non-professional, evaluate the machine's capabilities. Whether it's snow plowing, log grabbing, or short distance hauling, wheel loaders are only as good as the operator's ability to handle them. If a job is too complex for the operator, the machine will not be able to compensate.


How much does a wheel loader cost

The development of wheel loaders has been very mature, new machines are very reliable and used wheel loaders can be found everywhere, the cost depends on the configuration of the wheel loader machine, brand, market demand.

Cost of different models of wheel loaders

LUYU TJ158 wheel loader with YN 490 engine costs 9,000 USD

LUYU TJ168 wheel loader with YN 4102 engine for 9,700 USD

LUYU TJ188 wheel loader with YN 4102 supercharged engine for 10,600 USD

The price varies from configuration to configuration and needs to be tailored to your job. If you are interested in a LUYU wheel loader, please contact us experts today for free advice and assistance!



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