TJ208 2.5Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Russia

TJ208 2.5Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Russia
TJ208 2.5Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Russia
TJ208 2.5Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Russia
TJ208 2.5Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Russia
TJ208 2.5Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Russia
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Wheel loader is a key equipment for heavy material transportation in the garden, agriculture and construction industries. In 2018, the largest supplier of wheel loader in the Russian market was China, which accounted for 67.7% of Russia's total imports. A total of 5,200 loaders were imported from China. From January to November 2020, among the countries and regions where wheel loader was exported, Russia ranked first, and was the country with the largest export in terms of amount and quantity, with 5,614 units exported. Amount of $159 million If you want to sell wheel loaders in Russia, Luyu is one of your best choices

what is a compact wheel loader

Compact Wheel loader is one of the fastest-growing, largest production and sales models in construction machinery and has the largest market demand. Compared with the crawler type, it has the advantages of good maneuverability, no damage to the road surface, and convenient operation. Russia is rich in mineral resources, LUYU compact wheel loader is widely used in Russia except for the use of mining areas in Russia, road construction and natural gas infrastructure construction, as well as agriculture and forestry and other working conditions. Therefore, wheel loaders are widely used in Russia.

LUYU is synonymous with wheel loader in Russia. Whether it is in the global market or Russia, luyu's wheel loader is also far ahead in sales. Luyu has also developed the TJ208 model for the Russian market. The wheel loader with a rated load of 2.5Ton is more suitable for The working conditions and environment of Russia also means that LUYU further develops the Russian market


Specification of TJ 208 wheel loader 

Rated bucket capacity1.3m³
Hopper width2200mm
Rated load2500kg
Total weight6320kg
Engine typeYuchai 4105T
Power of engine85kW
Dumping height3800mm
Dumping reach700mm
Minimum ground clearance260mm
Minimun Turning4850mm
Unloading angle35°
Axlebig Hub Reduction Axle
Distance between axles2580mm
Distance between wheels1670mm
Transmission assembly280 Double High- Low speed Separated  Gear Box
Maximum fuel consumption238g/kw·h

LUYU has made many adjustments to the specifications of the products according to the needs of Russian customers, which are more in line with the working conditions used in Russia. Meanwhile, agents and distributors sell TJ 208 wheel loader in Russia, and we offer more customization capabilities so that customers can buy the most cost-effective products at the cheapest price.


new wheel loader price for sale in Russia

TJ208 2.5Ton rated load wheel loader is the latest wheel loader launched by Luyu, this product is more suitable for sales or use in Russia, and meets the Eastern European emission standards, which will make it easier to start your business, whether you are renting wheel loader, or you are As a user, this wheel loader is the best choice for you. The price of New Wheel loader is $13,000~$15,000, it depends on your working conditions and needs, if you are interested in this wheel loader, you can contact our experts to get a free quotation consultation


Universal attachment for TJ 208 wheel loader

In addition to buckets, wheel loader has many accessories that can be used, and many contractor customers are also very concerned about it. More wheel loader accessories means that you will have more work scenes and quickly develop your business. , so that your wheel loader is not only for loading and handling materials, luyu's TJ series is universal for all attachments, this design has reached the industry-leading level, all buckets, forks and other attachments are not divided into models, regardless of height. , all common. Convenient and practical, improve the utilization of accessories.

If you want to sell wheel loader, TJ 208 wheel loader will reduce the dealer's inventory reserve, and luyu's wheel loader will become your best partner to start a business and get rich


TJ 208 wheel loader reviews

TJ208 wheel loader is suitable for a variety of scenarios, from snow removal and landscaping to loading and unloading operations. It is very popular with customers because of its easy-to-operate features. At the same time, the maximum steering angle can reach 35° and the turning radius is only 4.85 meters, which makes TJ The 208 wheel loader has more work scenarios.

After a comprehensive evaluation of several manufacturers, an agent of LUYU finally chose LUYU wheel loader, "LUYU's equipment looks better as a whole and can meet the construction requirements." loader is highly rated

A second order was added immediately. It is enough to see that LUYU's wheel loader is deeply loved by customers


If you are also interested in luyu wheel loaders, please contact us today for a free quotation consultation!

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