What is front end wheel loader

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What is front end wheel loader
Front end wheel loader Also known as "wheel loader", front end wheel loader is mainly used for surface mining, stripping and loading blasted medium and hard rock, and direct excavation of soft rock. It can be operated at different working face levels at the same time, which is beneficial to separate mining, low cost of purchasing front end wheel loader, high economic benefit, and unaffected production capacity.

Types of front-end wheel loaders

Front-end loaders are divided into engineering type and mining type according to their usage

Engineering wheel loader type: used for various projects to load loose materials or excavate soil

Mining wheel loader type: Structural strengthening 

According to the bucket capacity is divided into small (≤ 5m), medium (5 ~ 10m) and large (> 10m), medium (5 ~ 10m) and large (> 10m), large machine suitable for annual output ≤ 1.5 million t small and medium-sized mines as the main mining and stripping loading equipment, distance ≤ 250m, small and medium-sized machine suitable for large open-pit mines as auxiliary operating equipment, clean up the working face, road construction, soil drainage, etc.. According to the running chassis is divided into tire type and crawler type, open pit mines mainly use tire type.

LUYU can produce various models of front end wheel loader, wheel loader specifications will also be adjusted according to different needs data, can do more to match your work


How front-end wheel loaders work

The front-end wheel loader drives to the rock pile at low speed, puts down the moving arm when approaching the rock pile, turns the bucket, makes the shovel blade grounded, the bottom of the bucket is at an angle of 3°~7° with the ground, inserts into the rock pile with full force, and intermittently manipulates the bucket and lifts the arm until it is full, turns the bucket to the transport position, backs up and turns, drives to the transport machinery, lifts the moving arm to the unloading height, turns the bucket forward to unload; returns the empty vehicle, drops the moving arm to the transport position, drives to the shovel loading place


what is a front-end loader used for

Front-end loader is a pick-up-and-move construction vehicle, typically used on construction sites to transport materials (sand, dirt, etc.) to another location.

Front-end loader is now widely used in surface mining, including: loading coal, cleaning surface workings, recovery work, development work and road maintenance work are all done by Front-end loader

Want the Front-end loader used for more work, replace different auxiliary work devices can complete more work, LUYU can provide more loader work devices, for example: replace the snow shovel, Front-end loader can be applied to ports, airports, highways, squares and other large area snow removal operations. Replacement snow plow can be used to clear highways, town streets, airports and ports, municipal sanitation, etc. LUYU's TJ series can be used for all attachments to reduce the dealer's inventory pressure.

LuYu has hundreds of accessories to choose from, making your front end wheel loader not only a car, but also a tool shelf and more profitable


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