ZL 922B 1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader for sale

ZL 922B 1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader for sale
ZL 922B 1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader for sale
ZL 922B 1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader for sale
ZL 922B 1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader for sale
ZL 922B 1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader for sale
YN 25(490)
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
Rated load
With the gradual completion of urbanization in foreign countries, small construction machinery has become an indispensable construction machinery in municipal maintenance, especially small loaders, which are widely used in the working conditions like landscaping, municipal construction, pipeline laying with their small and flexible features. LUYU 1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader is a high-end small wheel loader specially developed for foreign markets, adhering to the solid and reliable style of small wheel loader, without losing the agility, exquisiteness and meticulousness of small wheel loader. The machine has successfully attracted users with its low fuel consumption, high performance and low price.

1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader in market for sale

The main application areas of the wheel loader are infrastructure construction and mining, which is accounting for 65% of the total. Infrastructure construction accounted for 33%, mining accounted for 32%, water conservancy construction accounted for 14%, and real estate accounted for 8%.

At this stage, users pay more attention to improving the safety, comfort and maintenance. The design of Luyu's wheel loaders is more in line with ergonomic principles, with stable operation, comfortable drivability, and reduced operator tiredness.

The technology of Luyu's 1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader has entered a mature stage, and the overseas market is changing rapidly, but the general trend is still quite large. If you want to sell or use a wheel loader in the market, Luyu will be your best choice.

Specification of 1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader

Total Weight3320kg
Rated bucket capacity0.47m³
Hopper width1700mm
Rated load1600kg
Engine typeYN 25(490)
Power of engine37kW
Dumping height3200mm
Dumping reach900
Minimun Turning3900mm
Minimum ground clearance260mm
Arm thickness25mm
Tyresmall 20.5-16
AxleIsuzu air brake axle
Distance between axles2160mm
Distance between wheels1430mm
Transmission assembly418 machine
climbing angles25°

Luyu 1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader has made a lot of adjustments to the parameters of the whole machine to meet the needs of users. It has better adaptability and comfort, and can be better sold or used in the market. If you are interested in Luyu's 1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader, you can contact with our experts.


The most popular wheel loader brands in the market


CAT is the largest construction machinery manufacturer in the world, and wheel loaders are also one of his main products.

JOHN-Deere's wheel loader uses parts from a tractor in a different style.

CASE company mainly produces small loaders.


The manufacturer of Japanese wheel loaders is mainly Komatsu, followed by kawashai, kobelko, TCM, FURUKAWA and so on. The overall performance of Komatsu's loaders is higher than CAT, but the life of wheel loaders and accessories is lower than CAT.


European O&K, Leibher, Hanomag and Zettemayer are all well-known wheel loader manufacturers in the market

Luyu's wheel loader has better sales prospects in the market. The product quality is stable, and it meets the needs of overseas markets. The price is competetive and the whole machine is more cost-effective. If you want to buy wheel loaders in bulk and sell in your local area, Luyu is one of your best choices.


1.6 ton rated load small wheel loader for sale precautions

If you want to sell a wheel loader in your market, you need to understand how users will use the wheel loader, and list the engineering items that the wheel loader needs to perform, then configure it according to the user's work items.

The overall size of Luyu small wheel loader is 5500*1780*2700mmm; the bucket capacity is 0.47m³; and the rated loading capacity is 1.6ton. It supports configuration options: engine, unloading height, tires, buckets


What are the precautions for the configuration of tires?

  1. Traction pattern: suitable for soft and muddy ground operations, which can exert great traction, with self-cleaning function.

  2. Block pattern: suitable for various working conditions, with certain wear resistance and cutting resistance.

  3. Block-shaped deepening pattern: suitable for more severe working conditions, with good wear resistance and cutting resistance, which can prolong the service life of the tire.

  4. Block super-deep pattern: suitable for harsh working conditions such as rocky, with good wear resistance and puncture resistance, as well as good stability and traction performance.

When configuring the tires of the small wheel loader, improper selection will seriously affect the life of the tires and affect the performance of the tires.

If you are not sure what configuration you need, you can send your requirements to our experts and we will recommend them for you.


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