ZL922A 1.6Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Thailand

ZL922A 1.6Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Thailand
ZL922A 1.6Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Thailand
ZL922A 1.6Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Thailand
ZL922A 1.6Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Thailand
ZL922A 1.6Ton rated load wheel loader for sale in Thailand
YN 25(490)
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
Rated load
The wheel loader with a rated loading capacity of 1.6 tons is mainly used for palm transportation, bulk wood transfer, cassava picking, etc. in Thailand. It can be used for various working conditions of agricultural users. The wood transfer load has high strength. Combined with the unique climate environment of Thailand's dry and hot summer, LUYU customizes the hydraulic system, cooling system and filter of the wheel loader. If you want to sell wheel loader in Thailand, this compact wheel loader is one of your best choices.

Specification of wheel loader

Total Weight3200kg
Rated bucket capacity0.47m³
Hopper width1700mm
Rated load1600kg
Engine typeYN 25(490)
Power of engine37kW
Dumping height3200mm
Dumping reach900
Minimun Turning3900mm
Minimum ground clearance260mm
Arm thickness25mm
Distance between axles2160mm
Distance between wheels1370mm
Transmission assembly418 machine
climbing angles25°

When choosing a wheel loader, consider the functions you need and the working environment. If you sell wheel loader in Thailand, you may face many working environment and work requirements. LUYU can provide customized services that suit you. Wheel loader The parameters of the loader can be adjusted. Sometimes the size of the wheel loader equipment is not important, what is important is that it is suitable for your working environment.

If you are an end user, the working environment you face may be single, you can tell our experts about your working conditions and needs, and we will recommend the most suitable wheel loader for you

compact wheel loaders manufacturers for sale in Thailand

A compact wheel loader is a small machine that offers greater maneuverability, versatility and performance than other models, providing better breakout force and performance in a more compact design. Increase capacity. Following are the compact wheel loaders manufacturers for sale in Thailand

1. Hitachi ZW80 T4F


Hitachi Wheel Loaders are used in quarry and mine loading operations, with a lineup featuring bucket capacities between 1.1 and 6.8m3. They are also used across a wide range of businesses including snow removal, industrial waste disposal, livestock farming and forestry, supporting people’s lives. In addition to comfortable operability and large work rates, Hitachi Wheel Loaders are also characteristically equipped with a range of technologies designed to reduce fuel consumption. For example, the Active Engine Control System employs sensors installed in multiple locations on the wheel loader to instantly determine mechanical motion and control engine RPM accordingly. This assists the operator and enables operations with less wasted effort to achieve fuel reductions.

Hitachi's wheel loaders are suitable for a variety of applications and environments, snow removal, landscaping, loading and unloading on construction sites, Hitachi is one of the largest manufacturers of wheel loaders in Thailand

2.Kubota R540 R640


Kubota's newest R30 and R40 wheel loaders are equipped with state-of-the-art features to provide outstanding visibility, powerful performance and increased productivity. With quick couplers and auxiliary hydraulics, Kubota's R30 and R40 series wheel loaders can operate a variety of attachments. The compact design features fully articulated steering for easy navigation in tight spaces. The R30 Series features a swinging body and a long wheelbase for superior stability and strong traction on rough terrain. Kubota wheel loaders offer true versatility for any job, KUbota, as one of the wheel loader manufacturers in Thailand, provides local users with the highest quality and cost-effective products

3.Takeuchi’s TW60 Series 2


Compact and flexible, the TW60 Series 2 is well equipped to handle a variety of jobs and attachments. The Universal Hydraulic Skid Steer Coupler enables the TW60 Series 2 to utilize a variety of skid steer accessories and can be easily controlled from the operator station. The quiet, turbocharged engine with DOC/DPF exhaust aftertreatment produces 61 hp (45.6 kW) for outstanding power and performance on the job site. The 100% locking differential can be engaged at low speeds, enabling the operator to work in varying terrain and extreme conditions. Routine maintenance and inspections on the TW60 Series 2 are easy to perform as the hood opens overhead providing access to easily accessible key inspection and grease points on the loader and articulation points. One of the most popular wheel loader manufacturers in Thailand due to easier maintenance at Takeuchi’s



The V4-7 is powered by a 39-horsepower Tier 4 Final Yanmar engine. Whether you're moving piles of rocks, dirt or manure, it's full of power and great performance. With the V4-7 rear axle swing function, you can work quickly and efficiently on uneven ground as traction is safely transferred to the ground. This ensures that the bucket or load remains level. The V4-7 comes standard with Eco mode, two-speed operation, fully automatic mode, fixed speed mode and joystick bucket control integrated directly into the operator's station. Yanmar is one of the wheel loader manufacturers in Thailand. Yanmar's Wheel loaders are more suitable for conditions in Thailand.

5.LUYU wheel loader ZL922A 


Compared with other compact wheel loader, ZL922A 1.6ton rated load wheel loader has more advantages, greater digging force, load height, moving speed and lifting capacity, using Yunnei 25 engine, lower horsepower also lower maintenance The cost is very suitable for the working conditions and environment in Thailand. If you are an agent, you can choose this wheel loader machine, it will help you sell your business very well. If you want to sale wheel loader machines near Thailand, LUYU is for you best partner

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