3.8Ton wheel loader sale in Europe

3.8Ton wheel loader sale in Europe
3.8Ton wheel loader sale in Europe
3.8Ton wheel loader sale in Europe
3.8Ton wheel loader sale in Europe
3.8Ton wheel loader sale in Europe
XC Engine
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
The LUYU 3.8 ton wheel loader sale in Europe conforms to European emission standards. It is a product designed and developed by Luyu Machinery according to the usage habits of European users.

Specifications of the 3.8 ton wheel loader sale in Europe

The 3.8-ton wheel loader has an external dimension of 5370*181 0*2680mm, small size, convenient and flexible moving and steering, and fast working speed. It can be sale in Europe to meet the users’ requirements. The appearance is designed especially for European users, the streamlined rear hood design, and the neat and orderly entire vehicle pipeline.

Rated bucket capacity0.6m³
Hopper width1810mm
Rated load1500kg
Total weight3840kg
Engine typeXC498
Power of engine36.8kW
Dumping height2650mm
Dumping reach1000mm
Minimum ground clearance260mm
Minimun Turning5100mm
Unloading angle35°
Axlesmall hub reduction axle
Distance between axles1905mm
Distance between wheels1150mm
Transmission assemblyIntegrated Single High-Speed Gear Box
Maximum fuel consumption252g/kw·h

Application of 3.8 ton wheel loaders sale in Europe

If your European project is a large construction operation, LUYU's 3.8 ton wheel loader is your best choice

In Europe, the 3.8-ton wheel loader is used for the development and stripping of open-pit mines, railway construction, road paving, etc. It has excellent performance, and can well complete various operations such as loading, pushing and dumping, lifting and pulling.

On self-owned farms in Europe, the 3.8-ton wheel loader can also easily handle the work. Because of its small size, flexible movement and fast working speed, the 3.8-ton wheel loader has a high sales volume in Europe. If you want to sell 3.8 ton wheel loader or buy this model in Europe, 3.8 ton wheel loader will be your best choice


Engines of 3.8 ton wheel loaders sale in Europe

At present, the most stringent emission standards are in Europe and the United States. The sales of 3.8-ton wheel loaders do not need to worry about emission standards. LUYU adopts an engine that meets the Euro 5 emission standard, and also the United States. One of advantages of this machine is economical and fuel-efficient..The compact structure, small size, light weight, good dynamic performance, low vibration, low noise and good reliability allow you to operate with confidence in any environment.


Tire Advantages of 3.8 Ton Wheel Loaders

A large part of the tire wear is due to the decrease of tire adhesion and the slippage of the driving wheel. The tire of LUYU 3.8 ton wheel loader adopts agricultural tire, which has good performance of grip, anti-skid, good mud and sewage removal.


Advantages of selling 3.8 ton wheeled excavators in Europe

  1. Fast delivery, the 3.8 ton wheel loader can reach your city quickly and safely.

  2. Guarantee the requirements of European emission standards, economical and environmentally friendly.

  3. The after-sales service process is perfect, and LUYU will provide a comprehensive 3.8 wheel loader manual and maintenance instruction.

  4. The core parts of the 3.8-ton wheel loader have strong versatility.

  5. Customized services to meet user needs.


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