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Wheel Loader manufacturer and supplier China

Luyu loader is a wheel loader manufacturer and factory equipped with first-class equipment and experienced workers. As a professional wheel loader supplier, we provide perfect pre-sales and after-sales services.

Luyu loader series products are equipped with high-quality accessories, which meet the needs of humanization: the oiling nozzle is set out, easy to inject oil, and it is easy to add butter in a centralized manner; refined pipeline design, rational pipeline layout, beautiful and practical, easy to check Easy to repair; Bucket is automatically leveled, reducing driver fatigue strength, single-pump diversion, priority compliance with sensing steering system, economical and energy-saving; Single-lever operation, reduce driving fatigue and improve work efficiency, four-wheel caliper disc brake is reliable; Medium design, small turning radius; load-sensing coaxial flow amplifying steering, light and flexible; ideal operating speed and 40-degree steering angle greatly improve work efficiency; international standard noise reduction technology to protect the physical and mental health of drivers, industry-leading cooling system .

Wheel Loader for sale

TJ 188 2T wheel loader for sale

The price of a TJ188 wheel loader with a rated loading capacity of 2000kg is $10000- $12000. Specially designed the small wheel loader for overseas users. The whole machine weighs 5.18 tons, and the lift weight is 2.2 tons. The overall dimension 6590x2080x2850mm. Dumping height is 3.5 meters, while bucket width is 2 meters.

TJ168 1.7T compact wheel loader for sale

TJ168 1.7Ton Compact wheel loaders are by far the best-selling type, The maximum steering angle of the TJ168 1.7 Ton wheel loader can reach to 35°, and the turning radius is only 4.85 meters. Flexible to use, more suitable for narrow field work.Vehicle weight 4.6Ton Rated load 1.7 Ton,Vehicle size:6180*2070*2880mm.

ZL908C wheel loader for sale

ZL908C wheel loader use Changchai 390Q, Euro V emission engine, economical and fuel-efficient, compact structure, small size, light weight, good power, low vibration, low noise, good reliability. ZL908C wheel loader can be sold in Europe. We welcome you to purchase wheel loaders for sale, or be an agent or distributor of our brand of loaders.

928FC wheel loader for sale

The 928FC compact wheel loaders are widely used in railways,hydropower,highway, construction, mines and etc. Which is compact and small body in the lower price gained a good market from all over the world.

928FC wheel loader for sale ,overall size: 5600*1810*2680, equipped YUNNEI engine,rated loading is 1500kg, bucket capacity is 0.6m³, compact and small body, which is on sale now,competitive price.

If you purchase wheel loaders for sale, then we can provide you with an advantageous price. For specific prices, please contact our experts.