What is the Difference Between Excavators and Wheel Loaders

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What is the Difference Between Excavators and Wheel Loaders
If you are in the construction machinery industry, you can use the correct machinery to complete the work better. If you use the wrong machinery, it may have a negative effect on your benefits and work. In serious cases, accidents may occur The debate on excavators and wheel loaders has continued. Both machines are high-profile products in the construction machinery industry. They may be confused in terms of application or other aspects. The difference between excavators and loaders is that most excavators Using the backhoe, dig the dirt out of the ground. The difference between the wheel loader is the handling and loading and unloading of materials. In addition to soil, it can also carry other materials.

What is an Excavator

Excavator is also called digger, and excavators can be used for construction and construction activities on construction sites. Such as roads, bridges, buildings, breeding ponds, underground projects, etc. An excavator usually consists of a bucket, a boom digging bucket and an undercarriage. Because the excavator has to deal with a lot of dirt, the excavator is mainly powered by the hydraulic system, which makes the stick and bucket work together to excavate the dirt.

The physical difference between excavators and wheel loaders is that excavators can be larger in size, while wheel loaders are usually small or compact.

Types of Excavators

Excavators are mainly divided into two types, crawler and wheel. Many people think that excavators can only be used in large-scale projects. In the construction industry, due to rising labor costs, many industries are looking for substitutes. Mini excavator gradually began to replace labor. In terms of price, the price of mini excavator is the cheapest, and its performance is no worse than that of medium-sized excavators and large excavators.

crawler excavator

LY 10 crawler mini excavator is mainly used for agricultural planting, garden construction, municipal engineering, road repair, minor engineering construction, demolition. Can complete the work content in narrow areas, LY10 mini excavator can be configured with yanmer /kubota engine, which meets Euro V/ and EPA emission standards.


Specifications of LY 10 crawler mini excavator

Boom length


Stick length


Bucket capacity


Maximum excavation radius


Maximum excavation radius of the ground


Maximum excavation depth


Maximum discharge depth


Minimum discharge height


Maximum excavation height


Maximum height of bucket pin


Maximum vertical arm excavation depth


Maximum vertical excavation radius


Minimum excavation radius


Minimum turning radius


Bucket action angle


Maximum lifting height of bulldozer blade


Maximum lowering depth of bulldozer blade


Height from ground to turning frame


The specifications of the crawler mini excavator will be adjusted according to different customer requirements, and we can increase the configuration of the machine to meet user requirements.

wheel excavator


Wheeled excavators are very common in the construction machinery industry, because wheeled excavators use tires to move around, which saves a lot of time and saves the user's towing costs when transferring sites. Therefore, wheeled excavators are used in many projects. Loved by users

LY 135-9 wheeled excavator

The LY135-9 wheeled excavator adopts high-strength cab integrated stamping to ensure the safety of the driver. By design, the turning radius is 10%-18% smaller than that of similar products on the market. It adopts Yuchai engine with large output power and stable performance. The wheeled excavator adopts high-strength steel structure and CEA stress analysis to ensure long-term stable operation of the working device. Increase machine life.

LY135-9 wheel excavator is deeply loved by foreign users, and the price is cheapest. If you want to buy wheel excavator in bulk, please contact us immediately to get a free consultation and quotation

Specifications of LY 135-9 Wheel Excavator

Engine:YUCHAI YC4A100-302
Rated Power:73.5kW
Bucket Capacity:0.38m³
Main Boom Length:4200mm
Smnall Arm Length:2400mm
Max. Digging Height:8230mm
Max. Digging Depth:44350mm
Max. Dumping Height:59900mm
 Vertical Max. Digging Depth:4135mm
Min. Ground Clearance:335mm
Ground Max.  Digging Radius7867mm
Rotating Speed:11.5rpm
Max. Traveling Speed:30 km/h
Bucket Breakout Force:40kN
Operating Weight:11200kgs
Dimension:73350 x 3090 x 2400 mm

LUYU has many users in the global market. The specifications of wheel excavators have been adjusted. We support customization, allowing users to buy the most suitable wheeled excavator at the cheapest price.

What is a Wheel Loader?

Wheel loaders are mainly used in the loading and unloading of materials. Users may use different Types of loaders, Front loaders, front-end loaders, payloaders and loading machines. These different names are all one type of machine, and they all belong to wheel loader, due to the bucket and wear-resistant tires of the wheel loader, it provides a strong life and maneuverability for the wheel loader. In construction machinery industry, wheel loader is one of the most popular machines, if you want to buy wheel loader, you can contact us

What are the types of wheel loaders?

906C compact wheel loader


906C compact wheel loader is a compact wheel loader with a hydrostatic system developed by luyu. It adopts a unique appearance design, is small and flexible, and has complete functions. It has a variable piston pump imported from Italy, a Yanmar 3TNV88 engine, and a JCB barrel hinge, which is highly reliable. , Strong body stability.

This is one of the best compact wheel loaders from LUYU, especially popular in Europe and America. It can be a good substitute for manual work. Increase customer benefits

Small wheel loader

Small wheel loaders are used in construction sites or in the field of construction. There is no difference in function from other types of wheel loaders, but in terms of rated loading rate, the range of small wheel loaders is about 1.6Ton, and medium-sized wheel loaders machine is much less.

We recommend LUYU's 920C wheel loader, which has a rated load of 1500KG, an overall streamlined design, and an elegant appearance.

The cab is made of toughened glass to prevent the driver from being scratched by the glass. The cab is luxuriously equipped to give the driver a sense of comfort throughout the day. The integrated design of the sunroof and windshield provides a wide field of vision, allowing the driver to effectively avoid bumps and accidents. Avoid obstacles and increase work efficiency.

 Medium wheel loader

The versatility of medium-sized wheel loaders is very obvious. It can do more work and have different functions. Compared with other types, medium-sized wheeled excavators will sell better in the market.

The rated loading rate of medium-sized wheeled excavators is generally defined as above 2Ton. LUYU's ZL946 wheel loader has a rated loading rate of 2400KG and an engine power of 85kW. It is currently the most popular medium-sized wheel loader in the market. It can be equipped with engines, tires, and buckets to meet all the tasks of users. need.

The difference between wheel loaders and excavators

Through the above-mentioned differences between excavators and wheel loaders, we can distinguish the differences between the two. Although both are in the construction machinery industry, and even in some working environments, these two types of equipment can be seen together, but In terms of application, the difference is obvious. Excavators are mainly used to excavate large amounts of soil, and they are distinguished according to size and function.

Wheel loaders are distinguished by the rated loading rate and the capacity of the bucket, and are mainly used for handling and loading and unloading work.

LUYU is one of the best manufacturers of wheel loaders and excavators in China, if you want to buy wheel loaders, excavators in bulk, please contact us and get a free quote now


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What is the Difference Between Excavators and Wheel Loaders
What is the Difference Between Excavators and Wheel Loaders


If you are in the construction machinery industry, you can use the correct machinery to complete the work better. If you use the wrong machinery, it may have a negative effect on your benefits and wor...


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