25 HP mini tractor for sale south africa

25 HP mini tractor for sale south africa
25 HP mini tractor for sale south africa
25 HP mini tractor for sale south africa
25 HP mini tractor for sale south africa
25 HP mini tractor for sale south africa
Overall dimension (L × W × H)
3340×1430×2170 mm(Roll bar top)
Min. weight
1450 KG
Max.theoretical design speed
24.66 km/h
Engine power
Wheel base
Delivery Time
10-15 days
Wooden case packing/container
Laidong 385
A mini tractor is a small tractor commonly used in South Africa for small farming and gardening work. They are smaller and lighter than conventional tractors and often have smaller engines, making them suitable for handling smaller plots of land and lighter loads. Mini tractors typically have a compact design and nimble steering capabilities, making them suitable for smaller fields, gardens, or other smaller terrain. Typically between 15 hp and 40 hp. For small farming and gardening jobs, mini tractors typically use between 20 hp and 30 hp, which is more than enough for most light tillage, mowing, and other light work, and if you want to buy mini tractors in bulk for sale in South Africa, the small The cost of tractors is lower and the customer base will be wider

25HP 4x4 mini tractors for sale in south africa

In South Africa, 25HP 4x4 Mini Tractor is mainly used as a small farm vehicle designed for small farms or properties. These tractors typically have 25-horsepower engines and four-wheel drive, allowing them to handle a variety of tasks, including plowing, tilling, mowing, and towing.


They are usually compact and lightweight for easy maneuvering in tight spaces, and their four-wheel drive capability allows them to traverse rough terrain with ease. Many 25HP 4x4 mini tractors are equipped with attachments such as front loaders, excavators, and rotary cutters, allowing them to perform a wide range of tasks. If you want to sale 25HP mini tractor in South Africa, you need to know more about tractors in order not to make mistakes when responding to customer inquiries


Features of 25HP Mini Tractor

25 hp mini tractors are commonly used in South Africa for growing and maintaining crops on small farms, orchards, vineyards and other small spaces. Here are its main features:


Miniaturized design: Compared with large tractors, the 25 horsepower mini tractor is much smaller, light and easy to operate. This makes them ideal for working in tight spaces such as orchards, vineyards and small fields.


Low Fuel Consumption: 25 hp mini tractors usually use more fuel efficient diesel engines and use much less fuel than larger tractors.


Efficiency: Although 25 hp mini tractors are less powerful than larger tractors, they can still efficiently complete various farming operations such as plowing, seeding, spraying pesticides, etc.


Flexibility: The 25-horsepower mini tractor is very flexible in operation and can cope with various terrains and environments. This makes them the equipment of choice for many farmers and growers.


Ease of Maintenance: Due to their simple design, 25 hp mini tractors are relatively easy to maintain. Repair and maintenance costs are also relatively low.

If you buy bulk 25HP tractors for sale in South Africa, you need to know the features and advantages of the product. Luyu 25HP mini tractor can help you develop the market and increase market share


Specifications of 25 HP mini tractor



LY2504D Specification



2504D Wheeled tractor

Driving type / 4WD



Overall dimension (LWH)


3340×1430×2170 Roll bar top

Wheel base



Regular wheel tread(front/rear)



Wheel tread(front/rear) or gauge


970 1030 1100/960-1200

Min. ground clearance 



Min. weight



Standard Counterweight (Front/Rear)



Min. service ratio



Qty of shift gears (forward/backward)


8+2 or 8+8

Maxi. theoretical design speed





roll over protection system (roll bar)

Engine power 



Air filter type



Steering system type


hydraulic steering

Tyre Model (Front/Rear)



Hydraulic suspension system type



Type of suspension


3 point suspension

Qty of hydraulic output groups



Qty of splines(pto shaft) 



Standard speed of pto shaft 



The 25HP mini tractor is sold in South Africa, and the specifications will be adjusted according to the different work needs of users. Only the machine suitable for the user's work is the most cost-effective. If you sell 25HP mini tractor in South Africa, you can not confirm the specifications, you can contact us, we Have a professional sales team to answer your questions

The core accessories of 25HP mini tractor

If you want to sell 25HP mini tractor in South Africa, you must understand the core configuration and their functions, the following are the core accessories of 25HP mini tractor

Engine: The engine of the mini tractor is usually a diesel engine, which has high fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost. The quality and performance of the engine is crucial to the operating efficiency and reliability of the entire mini tractor.


Transmission and Clutch: The transmission and clutch of a miniature tractor are the core of the transmission system, and they enable the speed control and steering of the tractor. The quality and performance of these accessories are critical to the operation and control of your mini tractor.


Chassis and tires: The chassis and tires are the key components of the mini tractor, they support and carry the weight of the entire tractor, and provide traction for the tractor. Choosing the right tire and chassis design can make the mini tractor more stable and reliable under different terrains and working conditions.


Operation control system: The operation control system of the miniature tractor includes steering wheel, accelerator, brake, gear lever and other components. The quality and performance of these accessories are critical to tractor handling and operating efficiency.


Cab: The cab is where the operator of the mini tractor works. A high-quality cab can provide operators with better comfort and safety, thereby improving overall operational efficiency and work efficiency.


What to know before buying a mini tractor?

1. Choose a manufacturer you trust

If you can have a professional manufacturer who can solve the problem for you, you will save a lot of time and cost, give your concern to the manufacturer, and let them solve your doubts

For example, your customer group in South Africa generally owns 3 acres of land. At this time, the manufacturer will recommend the most suitable tractor for you, and the 25HP tractor is the most suitable one.

If you sell tractors in South Africa, and your customer base has 50 acres of land, the manufacturer will recommend a more powerful tractor for you.

In addition, it will be cheaper to buy tractors through the manufacturer, because dealers usually have about 20%-30% interest

2. Repair and maintenance

If the tractor wants to be used for a long time and ensure good operation, it must insist on long-term maintenance, which is the same for any brand and model. Communicate with the manufacturer, the tractor’s maintenance manual and repair suggestions, a professional manufacturer will provide you with detailed content, if the parts are damaged, whether they can be provided free of charge, all these need to be communicated with the manufacturer.



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