200HP new tractor price for sale in Thailand

200HP new tractor price for sale in Thailand
200HP new tractor price for sale in Thailand
200HP new tractor price for sale in Thailand
200HP new tractor price for sale in Thailand
200HP new tractor price for sale in Thailand
200HP new tractor price for sale in Thailand
Overall dimension (L × W × H)
5320×2750×3120mm( Air filter top)
Min. weight
Max.theoretical design speed
Engine power
Wheel base
Delivery Time
10-15 days
Wooden case packing/container
200HP is a large tractor. In Thailand, large tractors have great market prospects.The price of a new tractor for sale will vary depending on several factors, including the make and model of the tractor, its size and horsepower, and any additional features or attachments that it may have. Additionally, the location and dealership from which you purchase the tractor can also affect the price.

200HP New Tractor Purpose

200HP tractor has always been a must-have equipment for farms in Thailand, it has revolutionized farming with maximum efficiency and brand new upgrades, 200HP tractors can also be used in construction, engineering, industrial environments, etc.

If you want to buy a new 200HP tractor in Thailand, you need to consider it well, it is a big investment, keep good use and maintenance work, 200HP tractor life can be extended by 20-30 years. If you don't use your tractor very often, your tractor will last longer.

If you want to buy 200HP tractors in Thailand to sell near you, you need to determine the user's purpose and needs, and the product specifications can be adjusted according to user needs.


200HP New Tractor Specifications

ItemUintLYT2004 Specification
Model/ LYT2004 4WD Wheeled tractor
Overall dimension (L × W × H)mm 5320×2750×3120 (Air filter top)
Wheel basemm2840
Regular wheel tread(adjustable)mm1940/1760(front/rear)
Min. ground clearancemm410
Min. weightkg7750
Standard Counterweight (Front/Rear)kg240/480
Number of shift gears/16+16(forward/backward)
Maxi. theoretical design speedkm/h36.03
Type of roll protection device/cabin
Engine powerkw177kw@2200rpm
Engine cooling mode/Water cooling
Air filter type/Dry-type
Steering system type /hydraulic steering
Tyre Model (Front/Rear)/540/65R28 650/65R38
Hydraulic suspension system type/Separate
Type of suspension/Three-point rear suspension
Number of hydraulic output groups/3
Splines of pto shaft/8
Standard speed of pto shaftr/min540/1000

Purchase a new 200HP tractor for sale in Thailand. We can adjust the specifications according to user needs, which can be more suitable for sales in the Thai market and help you increase your market share.


200HP New Tractor Features

There are many options for tractors. Most tractors are four-wheel drive, and 200HP belongs to four-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive tractors have better traction than two-wheel drive tractors.

The 200HP new tractor can be equipped with a closed cab. If you choose a closed cab, the price of the tractor will be higher, but it can provide you with better comfort and shelter from bad weather such as wind and rain. Likewise, a tractor with a cab is easier to maintain and will add value to the tractor if you want to resell the tractor. If you are selling tractors in Thailand and your users clearly do not need a cab, we can also provide optional awnings. The price will be much cheaper.


200HP New Tractor Prices

In Thailand, a compact tractor is less than $10,000, and a high-horsepower agricultural tractor, such as a 200HP tractor, will cost more.

The price of new tractors with 50HP-70HP is between $5000~$7500

100HP 4WD new tractors, priced at $10000~$11500

200HP 4WD new tractor price ranges from $23803~$24000

In addition to the price, you may need to purchase accessories or add more configurations. If you want to know more, please contact us and get free consultation and quotation service immediately


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