Best compact wheel loader for snow removal

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Best compact wheel loader for snow removal
Compact wheel loader is the best choice for snow removal in winter because of its small size, flexibility, wide field of vision and versatility. The wheel loader is the most comfortable and easy to operate. The compact wheel loader can make you cost-effective More reasonable, if you face the difficulty of snow removal in winter, this article will recommend several best choices for the first snow in winter

920FC compact wheel loader

920FC is a new compact wheel loader specially designed and developed by LUYU for the European market. 920FC British wheel loader is a compact wheel loader specially developed by Luyu Heavy Industry for export to Europe, America and other regions. It adopts European-style streamlined design to meet the needs of the European market. It has strong power, high cost performance, and a wide range of operations. It can be equipped with quick-change devices, snow plows, and snow shovels. With the articulated design, even narrow roads can be handled, which is one of the advantages of the compact wheel loader


Specifications of 920FC compact wheel loader

Engine modelXinchai Total weight3840kg
Bucket capacity0.6m3Dumping height2650mm
Bucket width1810mmOverall dimension5370*1810*2680mm
Rated load1500kgTire20.5-16

It adopts Xinchai , which is economical and fuel-efficient, compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, good in dynamic performance, low in vibration, low in noise and good in reliability. Compared with other types of loaders, LUYU's 920FC compact wheel loader can remove snow Save 20% on fuel


928FC Compact wheel loader

928FC wheel loader, equipped with YN490 engine, has strong power, high reliability, precise control, low fuel consumption, and comprehensive energy saving of more than 5%. The cab is made of toughened glass with wide field of view

During the snow removal process, the comfort and visibility of the compact wheel loader are very important. The operator sits higher in the cab, can clearly see the attachment and the situation on the road, and can easily operate the compact wheel loader and avoid obstacles .


Specifications of 928FC compact wheel loader

Engine:YUNNEI YN27
Rated Power:42kW
Dumping Height:3200mm
Bucket Width:1900mm
Operating Weight:3900kgs

The specifications of the 928FC will be adjusted according to different situations, whether you are renting a compact wheel loader or a sale wheel loader, we recommend that the compact wheel loader has a powerful engine that is at the heart of snow removal work.


930FC Compact wheel loader

In winter snow removal work, you may encounter roads, town roads, airports, ports, parking lots, etc., compact wheel loader is the best choice, fast movement is an important feature of wheel loader, to ensure fast arrival at the scene . 930FC compact wheel loader is one of the best choices for snow removal work. Snow removal work is often done at night or in the early morning. 930FC compact wheel loader is designed and developed by a German designer. On the premise of ensuring the cheapest price, the operator is guaranteed comfort, which can be a good increase in efficiency and safety


Specifications of 930FC Compact wheel loader

Total Weight3636kg
Rated bucket capacity0.6m³
Rated load1500kg
Engine typeYN 27T(490T)
Power of engine58kW
Dumping height3200mm
Dumping reach680mm
Minimum ground clearance240mm
Minimun Turning4550mm
Bucket width2000mm
Unloading angle35°
AxleSmall Hub Reduction Axle
Axle distance2155mm
Transmission assembly265 Integrated double High-Speed Gear Box
Maximum fuel consumption252g/kw·h
In addition to snow removal, 930FC compact wheel loader can also help you in daily handling and loading and unloading. If you are engaged in the business of wheel loader for sale, our cheapest price can help you quickly increase your efficiency and market share. If you are interested, please contact us to get a free quotation and consultation service immediately



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