926C wheel loaders in indonesia

926C wheel loaders in indonesia
926C wheel loaders in indonesia
926C wheel loaders in indonesia
926C wheel loaders in indonesia
926C wheel loaders in indonesia
YN 25(490)
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
Rated load
The 926C compact wheel loader has a very good market in Indonesia. The 1.5-ton 926C has a bucket width of 1.9m, bucket capacity is 0.6m³. Equipped Yunnei engine,which is the latest wheel loader in LUYU series. It is equipped with the newest Frame, gearbox, transmission, cab, hood and counterweight. Small and compact body,powerful engine,which gained a good market in indonesia.

926C wheel loaders machine Stable performance

926C wheel loaders The main components are made by robotic welding machines, CNC machines, multi-function laser cutting machines, such as front and rear frames, booms, counterweights and so on. reliable quality, we increased thickness of the whole parts to make the machine more stable. The wheelbase is 2155mm, which is suitable for all kinds of working Conditions, which is a leading industry in this line because of stability and strength


Specification of 926C wheel loaders

Total Weight3480kg
Rated bucket capacity0.47m³
Hopper width1700mm
Rated load1600kg
Engine typeYN 25(490)
Power of engine37kW
Dumping height3200mm
Dumping reach920mm
Minimun Turning4150mm
Minimum ground clearance260mm
Arm thickness25mm
AxleIsuzu air brake axle
Distance between axles2150mm
Distance between wheels1430mm
Transmission assembly29F-Ⅱ
climbing angles25°

Luyu has many customers in the Southeast Asian market. With the update of technology, the parameters of luyu wheel loader have been adjusted, which is more suitable for a variety of work scenarios and provides users with unparalleled performance. If you want to buy wheel loader in Indonesia, first of all You need to confirm your working environment and work content. If you are not proficient enough with the equipment, you can Contact Us to get a free consultation immediately


926C wheel loaders machine working efficiency

Optimized by CAE, the operation is smooth, save working time, and the working efficiency is improved. Enlarge the fuel tank, work longer and save fuel.


926C wheel loaders machine streamlined cab

Streamlined cab, panoramic glass with reversing image design, wider view. High quality rubber Seal, dust-proof, noise-reduced, clean, heating and cooling air conditioning, comfortable driving. Adjustable steering machine + luxury suspension seat, more comfortable driving.


926C wheel loaders mining

The work on the mining will not stop, so the high-intensity operation makes you need a wheel loader machine that can work continuously. LUYU's customer feedback in Indonesia, 926C wheel loaders is a very good equipment, which effectively solves the need all the challenges faced.

Mining small wheel loader is a kind of mine loader used for high limited or space limited such as mines, roadways.In this case, we must use special mining vehicles which is strong and powerful,no mater the oversize or axles


926C wheel loaders configure

equipped with a sconstruction bucket, and the main blade adopts the wear-resistant alloy steel casting process, which has strong working durability. Adoped Alloy shovel teeth, high strength wear resistance plate.

Equipped with Yunnei engine, powerful, dumping height of 3.2m, total 3.6 tons, mini turning radius 4550mm

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