How to choice wheel loader

2022-10-12 09:10:03

Wheel loaders for sale by owner, as a frequently used construction machinery, can help people do many things. So, how to choose the right wheel loader? The following will give you a brief introduction to how to choose a wheel loader from the following four aspects

  1. Selection of wheel loader equipment: The selection and determination are mainly based on the operation occasion and use. According to the structure of the walking system, there are mainly tire type and crawler type. Generally, when working on soft bases or poor roads, more crawler loaders are used; for better working conditions, more wheel loaders are used, which are light in weight, fast in speed, flexible in maneuverability, high in efficiency and not easy to damage the road surface. use


  2. Choice of power: Generally, diesel engines for construction machinery are mostly used. In regional operations, such as places where the altitude is higher than 3000m, the plateau diesel engine should be used


  3. Selection of transmission type: There are two main transmission modes for small and medium wheel loaders, one is mechanical transmission; the other is hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic transmission can be stepless speed regulation and easy to operate. The loader is equipped with a hydraulic torque converter, which eliminates the need for the main clutch and has automatic adaptability, which greatly reduces the number of shifts, which not only reduces driver fatigue but also improves loading. The average travel speed of the machine and the passing performance of the loader


  4. When choosing a wheel loader, the braking performance of the wheel loader should also be fully considered. The brake system of the wheel loader includes two sets of independent brake systems: the foot brake system and the hand brake system. The hand brake system is used for the driver to leave the vehicle or to park on a slope, and uses an external beam drum brake. There are two types of foot brake system: air-cap oil and full hydraulic type. The most commonly used is the air-cap oil braking system, and the dual-circuit braking system is generally used

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