Oil level check of wheel loader

2022-10-19 15:10:25

The daily maintenance of the loader is very important, about the safety of loading, after each loading operation, loading drivers must be timely cleaning, lubrication, tightening of equipment, good maintenance, careful inspection of equipment, and timely handling of faults found in the operation.

Oil in the engine internal mainly lubricates the friction of various parts surface, reduce the friction and wear of parts, in addition to cooling, cleaning, sealing, rust prevention, buffering and other roles, how to properly check the engine oil level.

Daily before leaving the car, need to check the oil level, the vehicle must be parked on the horizontal ground, note that if the vehicle is parked in the field tilt will lead to deviation in the accuracy of the oil level


If the oil level is checked during operation, the vehicle should be stopped for fifteen minutes with the handbrake up, let the oil in the engine flow back to the oil pan, then check the oil level, pull out the oil dipstick, clean the oil on the dipstick surface with wipe paper, reset the dipstick and pull out again to observe the oil level.


If the oil level is checked twice in the position between the upper and lower scale of the oil scale, it means that the oil level is qualified, if the oil level is not between the upper and lower scale of the oil scale, you need to add or drain the oil until the oil level is in the right position


Note that it is strictly forbidden to run the engine when the oil level is lower than the lower scale or higher than the upper scale, which will lead to a decrease in engine performance or damage the engine