Structure of wheel loaders

2022-12-02 18:12:03

There are many types of loaders on the market. Most wheel loaders are articulated structure.This structure can keep the vehicle stable during driving or working.Whether the loader is used in agriculture or minor construction, construction sites, and rough terrain. The articulated structure can well reduce the bumps of the vehicle and make the operator feel more comfortable inside of the wheel loader.

Auxiliary accessories for wheel loaders

There are many auxiliary accessories for wheel loader. These auxiliary accessories can help the loader achieve different functions and can be widely used in various work scenarios. LUYU can provide more than 30s auxiliary accessories.


There are Grabble Bucket, Sweeper, Rotary Barrel, Clamp,Bale Clamp, Plain Bucket, Pallet Fork, Log Fork, Sweeper, 360 Rotary Grabble, Mixer bucket, Grass Fork, Blade, 4in1 Bucket, Snow Bucket with Wings, Snow Blade, Barrel Clamp etc.


We can also accept customized auxiliary accessories. You can provide photos or videos or simple description. That is very simple, We will do our best to meet the needs of customers


Types of wheel loaders

There are many famous loader brands like Caterpillar, Sany, XGMG,Bobcat, Kubota, Commins, Komatsu etc.


Usually less than three tons are called small loaders or compact loaders.More than three tons are called large loaders


LUYU mainly produces small loads below 3 tons. 3 tons mainly refers to the bucket load of the loader. The smallest bucket load is 800kgs, and we have 1ton bucket loader wheel loader, 1.2ton wheel loader, 1.5ton wheel loader, 1.8ton wheel loader, 2ton wheel loader, 2.5ton wheel loader and 3 ton wheel loader.  


We also have loaders in different colors. Commonly used colors are yellow, red, black, white. We also can accept customized colors


In different countries and regions, people calls wheel loaders with different names. Some calls rice loader, sugarcane loader, some one calls log loader, straw loader and some calls wheel loader as front end loader, digger loader or backhoe loader.

Loaders can be used in many ways and in various scenarios