TJ158 best compact wheel loader

TJ158 best compact wheel loader
TJ158 best compact wheel loader
TJ158 best compact wheel loader
TJ158 best compact wheel loader
TJ158 best compact wheel loader
YN 25T(490T)
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
Rated load
TJ158 best compact wheel loader Maximum steering angle up to 35°, The turning radius is only 4.85 meters, Good passability, Easy to use, more suitable for narrow site operations

how to operate a wheel loader TJ158 best compact wheel loader

1,Check the best compact wheel loader fuel tank,cooling water and Lubricating oil, check the driving and parking stability,and the attachments status.

2, Starting smoothly,no sudden acceleration

3, Driving,prohibit driving laterally on slopes and shoveling material

4, Loading and unloading. The temperature of engine water and lubricating oil should be reach the specified value,then start the full-load operating.


Specifications of TJ158 best compact wheel loader

Rated bucket capacity0.7m³
Hopper width1800mm
Rated load1500kg
Total weight4280kg
Engine typeYN 25T(490T)
Power of engine55kW
Dumping height3200mm
Dumping reach720mm
Minimum ground clearance240mm
Minimun Turning4585mm
Unloading angle35°
AxleSmall Hub Reduction Axle
Distance between axles2300mm
Distance between wheels1490mm
Transmission assembly265 Double High- Low speed Separated  Gear Box
Maximum fuel consumption230g/kw·h

Attention for operating the TJ 158 best wheel loader


The usage of best compact wheel loader is for loading and short distance transportation. Not allowed to digging work.

It is not allowed anyone stand under the lifting bucket or checking person. No lifting person to work at a high height.


How to use a TJ 158 best compact wheel loader

It is about 60 hours run-in-period, pay more attention to the working load during this period,prevent the occurrence of overheating caused by continuous operation of the machine in a long time. Always observe the indicator,and stop working if there is unormal happens untill find the methods to be solved. Attention to check the level and quality of lubricating oil,hydraulic oil, coolant,brake fluid and fuel oil. Check the tightness of the whole machine. At the end of the runing-in period, the machine should be maintained on time,checking and adjusting. At the same time,pay attention to the replacement of the oil.


How to choose a best compact wheel loader

First of all, it is necessary to choose the professional manufacturer by large-scale enterprises which with good after-sales service reputation.

According to working environment and usage to choose a best compact wheel loader. Crawler and wheel loader. Generally working on soft or poor road,crawler loader will be the best choice. Better working environment,wheel loader is the best, high quality, high speed,flexible,high efficiency, and no damage the road,which are widely used.

Power choice, most is diesel engines for construction machinery,but special areas,such as somewhere over 3000m, used special diesel engine.

According to transmission: 2 types,one is mechanical transmission, the other is hydraulic transmission which is easy to operate,equipped with a hydraulic torque converter,no main clutch, which greatly reduces the number of gear shifts,make the operator more comfortable and improve the average travel speed of wheel loader and has a good performance of the compact wheel loader.


TJ 158 best compact wheel loader scientificity 

  1. best compact wheel loader appearance adopts the combination of Chinese and European style,Changed the design concept of similar products,The color is gray and yellow, simple but special,The appearance gives people a sense of stability, luxury and convinent.

  2. Structural parts and covering parts adopt the latest rust removal and spraying equipment.To ensure that the paint will not fade within 3 years.Optimized loader layout According to engineering mechanics, the center of gravity moves back,Enhanced stability

  3. Maximum steering angle up to 35°, The turning radius is only 4.85 meters, Good passability, Easy to use, more suitable for narrow site operations

  4. CAE test, The finite element analysis is carried out on the structural parts of the loader ,Uniform distribution of force,Avoid excessive local stress, Extend equipment lifetime


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