TJ168 1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader

TJ168 1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader
TJ168 1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader
TJ168 1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader
TJ168 1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader
TJ168 1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader
YN 27T(490T)
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
1.7Ton Compact wheel loaders are by far the best-selling type, The maximum steering angle of the TJ168 1.7 Ton wheel loader can reach to 35°, and the turning radius is only 4.85 meters. Flexible to use, more suitable for narrow field work.Vehicle weight 4.6Ton Rated load 1.7 Ton,Vehicle size:6180*2070*2880mm。

Specification of 1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader

Rated bucket capacity0.7m³
Hopper width2000mm
Rated load1700kg
Total weight4662kg
Engine typeYN 27T
Power of engine58kW
Dumping height3500mm
Dumping reach730mm
Minimum ground clearance260mm
Minimun Turning4585mm
Unloading angle35°
Axle小轮边Small Hub Reduction Axle
Distance between axles2300mm
Distance between wheels1535mm
Transmission assembly265 Double High- Low speed Separated  Gear Box
Maximum fuel consumption230g/kw·h

1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader Common to all series of attachments

The series of loader attachments are universal, and this design has reached the leading level in the loader industry. All buckets, fork heads and other attachments in the "Iron Shoulder" series are universal regardless of model or discharge height. Convenient and practical, improve the utilization rate of accessories, and reduce the inventory reserve of dealers.


1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader Structural layout optimization

The layout of the 1.7ton best compact wheel loader is optimized according to engineering mechanics, the center of gravity of the whole vehicle is moved backward, and the center of gravity can still fall on the front axle at the maximum load. Stability enhancement.


1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader use Configure well-known brand tires

1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader use tires are Chaoyang tires, and the quality standard conforms to the GBT1190-2001 national standard. The service life is several times higher than that of ordinary tires, and the wear resistance, traction, passing and cushioning performance are enhanced. Three-year tire warranty.


1.7Ton Best compact wheel loader pipelines are neatly arranged 

Comb the pipelines, optimize the arrangement of the hoses, make them neat and orderly, and add sheaths to the necessary hoses. The wiring harness is wrapped with corrugated pipes and connected with waterproof connectors.


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After receiving these wheel loaders, I carefully tested them, the overall performance is very good, the quality is relatively reliable, I will consider becoming a local agent

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