When winter comes, how to replace the antifreeze for wheel loaders

2022-10-11 11:10:48

When winter comes, it is time to replace the antifreeze for the wheel loader to prevent damage to the engine block. How to replace the antifreeze?This article teaches you how to change the antifreeze for your compact wheel loader

First, we need to open the water tank cover, find the engine and the water tank drain, and open them at the same time. After the water is drained, we will tighten the switch, and then add antifreeze from the water filling port of the water tank.




Start the vehicle, let the antifreeze circulate in the engine body for a while, and then top up the antifreeze again.


Tip: When adding antifreeze, do not mix antifreeze of different brands, which will easily corrode related components. Under normal circumstances, antifreeze should be selected with an antifreeze that is about 10 degrees lower than the temperature in winter in the current season. For minus 30 degrees Depending on the environment, we can choose antifreeze with a freezing point of about minus 45 degrees.