Why Choose a Compact Tractor for Farm Work?

2022-12-08 16:12:10

Compact tractors can be a great option for farmers. Their smaller size leads to many benefits, from saving money to saving time. Read on to learn more!

The Low Price Point

Operating a farm requires agricultural equipment. It gets expensive buying the different pieces of farm equipment, which is where a compact tractor's low price point comes in handy.

Fewer materials go into the construction of compact tractors. It costs less for manufacturers to build them and they pass the savings along to the customer. Get the tractor you need, but without breaking the bank.


The Easy Maintenance

All farm equipment requires maintenance, but the amount of maintenance can vary.

Compact tractors are relatively low maintenance (compared to their larger counterparts). Thanks to their smaller size, it takes less time to wash and inspect compact tractors.

Many of these models are designed with easy maintenance in mind. For example, they can be built with easy access to the engine compartment for do-it-yourself maintenance. This reduces the need to visit a service department, which saves you time and money.

The Customization Potential

Compact tractors can be paired with a wide range of agricultural accessories.

For example:

• Add a tiller attachment so you can aerate land before planting crops.

•  Add a backhoe attachment so you can create ditches for fence posts or trees.

•  Swap out the tires for agriculture tires so you can better navigate your farm.

It's easy to tailor your compact tractor to your specific farm needs.


The Easy Handling

The small size of compact tractors makes them easy to operate. Even if this would be your first tractor, it won't take long to learn the controls and feel comfortable moving around your property.

Take navigating around obstacles, for example. Since compact tractors are smaller, they will have an easier time turning and moving around the obstacle.

Or take fitting through tight spaces. Compact tractors can often go through fence gates, barn doors, and even livestock stalls. They can access a wider range of spaces on your farm, which reduces the amount that you need to walk to your destination.


The Easy Storage

All farm equipment needs to go somewhere when it is not in use. The larger the agricultural equipment, the harder it can be to find a dedicated space. Ideally, you'll store all of your farm equipment indoors. That way, they are better protected from the wear and tear of weather.

Given the small size of compact tractors, it will be much easier to find a spot to store them.

For more information about compact tractors or to explore compact tractors for sale, reach out to your nearest LUYU dealership!