Winter is coming, precautions for using wheel loaders

2022-11-17 10:11:03

Refer to the maintenance methods of wheel loaders in winter in this article to ensure that your wheel loaders can be safely stocked in cold winter

1. Choose high-quality antifreeze

There are two main indicators to measure antifreeze: First one is the freezing point, high-quality antifreeze can reach about -60 ℃; the second is the boiling point, the antifreeze should reach at least 108 ℃.


2. About water pump inspection

After changing the antifreeze, the oil level should be observed. If the oil level is found to rise, stop the machine for inspection, usually by replacing the water pump seal or the water pump assembly.


3. Cooling system anti-corrosion filter element

The anti-corrosion filter element must be replaced at the same time as the antifreeze, and the anti-corrosion filter element should be replaced at the 1000th hour (engine working time) to ensure that the anti-corrosion filter element can play an effective role in protection.


4. Fuel oil circuit maintenance

Choose diesel oil according to the local temperature and the cold filter point and freezing point of diesel oil, and replace the fuel injector with poor atomization


5. Selection of lubricating oil

The appropriate lubricating oil should be selected according to the local temperature, combined with the freezing point, pour point and viscosity of the lubricating oil.


6. Equipment inspection and repair

Before the equipment enters winter, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the "water leakage", "oil leakage" and " air leakage" of the whole machine to eliminate hidden dangers and failures.


7. Check heating equipment

Heating equipment is essential for outdoor work in winter, so check the working condition of the heating equipment and repair the heating equipment before the severe winter.