how much does it cost to buy a wheel loader?

2022-12-21 16:12:03

The cost of a wheel loader can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the size and capacity of the machine, the brand and model, and the location and availability of the equipment. In general, small wheel loaders with a capacity of less than 2 cubic meters can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000, while larger models with a capacity of 4 cubic meters or more can cost upwards of $100,000 or more. Different wheel loader brands have different prices Additionally, the cost of a used wheel loader will typically be lower than the cost of a new machine, but it is important to carefully inspect the equipment and consider any potential maintenance or repair costs before making a purchase.

Types of Wheel Loaders

There are several types of wheel loaders, including:


Compact wheel loaders: These are small and lightweight, making them ideal for use in confined spaces or on small construction sites.


Standard wheel loaders: These are the most common type of wheel loaders and are used for a wide range of applications, including material handling, grading, and excavation.


Articulated wheel loaders: These have a hinge in the middle of the machine, allowing the front and rear sections to pivot independently. This makes them highly maneuverable and well-suited for use in tight or uneven terrain.


Large wheel loaders: These are larger and more powerful than standard wheel loaders and are used for heavy-duty applications such as mining and quarrying.

Luyu mainly produces articulated wheel loaders, this type of wheel loader is more popular in the market and can complete difficult work challenges


906C wheel loader

The 906C series loader is a small loader specially developed by Luyu Heavy Industry for its hydrostatic system.

ZL906C adopts unique appearance design, compact and flexible, complete functions, variable plunger pump imported from Italy, Yanmar 3TNV88 engine, JCB barrel hinge, strong reliability and strong body stability. It can meet the needs of European and American customers in multiple scenarios such as courtyards, farms, and landscaping.


Specifications of 906C wheel loader

EngineYanmar 3TNV88-BS SY(Option Kubota 1505-E4)
Engine Power20.2kw/18.5kw
Rated Rotational Speed2200 (turn/min)
Drive FormHydrostatic Motor Drive
Breaking FormRear Axle Hydraulic Shoe Brake
Tire26*12-12 Agricultural Tire
Unloading Height(mm)2060
Unloading Distance(mm)550
Unloading Angle(°)36
Minimum Ground Clearance(mm)220
Turning Radius(mm)2150
Driving Speed0-11km/hour
Truck base(mm)895
Total Weight(kg)1838
Maximum Lift Weight(kg)600
Bucket Width(mm)1200
Rated Bucket Capacity(m³)0.25
Lifting Time(s)5.8
Loading Time(s)5.8
Landing Time(s)5.8
Hydraulic System Pressure(Mpa)16

After market research, 906C is suitable for European customers. According to the needs of different customers, our technology can be customized to maximize the performance of the wheel loader


906C wheel loader price

The retail price of 906C is $10800~$11500, if you want to buy 906C wheel loader in bulk, please contact us


908C wheel laoder

The 908C series loader is a small loader specially developed by Luyu Heavy Industry for export to Europe, America and other regions.

LY908C adopts European appearance design, complies with Euro V emission standards, is small and flexible, and has complete functions, which can meet the needs of European and American customers in multiple scenarios such as gardens, farms, and small factories.


Specifications of 908Cwheel loader

Rated bucket capacity0.4m³
Hopper width1350mm
Rated load800kg
Total weight2532kg
Engine typeChangChai 390Q
Power of engine18.4kW
Dumping height2300mm
Dumping reach690mm
Minimum ground clearance220mm
Minimun Turning4800mm
Unloading angle37°
Distance between axles1905mm
Distance between wheels1150mm
Transmission assembly240 Integrated Single High-Speed Gear Box
Maximum fuel consumption230g/kw·h

908C is a high-end model that meets European emission standards. It has superior performance and is environmentally friendly. In terms of product specifications, technicians have adjusted it to meet the needs of different customers and support customization.


908Cwheel loader price

The retail price of 908 C wheel loader is $8300~$9000, depending on different configurations, the price may change, if you buy wheel loader in bulk, our price will be more favorable, please contact us immediately


920C wheel loader

The 920C series loader is a loader specially developed by Luyu Heavy Industry for export to Europe, America and other regions.

  European-style design, in line with European Market demand, strong power, high cost performance Wide operating range, quick change device can be configured Four-in-one bucket, support fork, hydraulic distance adjustment Forks, road sweepers, snowplows Pit Rotary Machine, Lawn Mower, Clamping Machine Pitchforks, European claws and other attachments, full Meet the needs of different foreign customers


Specifications of 920C wheel loader

Engine modelXinchai 36.8kwTotal weight3840kg
Bucket capacity0.6m³Dumping height2650mm
Bucket width1810mmOverall dimension5370*1810*2680mm
Rated load1500kgTire20.5-16

The 920C can be equipped with various accessories to meet the needs of different work contents. In terms of specifications, the excellent configuration allows the 920C wheel loader to undertake more work


920C wheel loader price

The price of 920C wheel loader equipped with Yunnei490 engine is $8200~$8800, and the price of equipped with xinchai 498 engine is $9900~$11500. Depending on the configuration, the price will be different, contact us immediately to get a discount price


The cost of rental wheel loader

Before knowing about rental used wheel loaders, we need to know the prices of top wheel loader manufacturers in the world.

After market research, we provide some data for your reference:

Caterpillar Wheel Loaders - $100,000-$200,000

Komatsu Wheel Loader – $75,000-$150,000

John Deere Wheel Loader - $50,000-$100,000

Bobcat Wheel Loader - $30,000-$60,000

Hyundai Wheel Loader - $40,000-$80,000

Volvo Wheel Loader - $50,000-$100,000

After researching the rental used wheel loader market, we got some data for reference only:

Small Wheel Loaders: "$200-400", "$600-1,200", "$1,800-3,000"

Medium Wheel Loaders, "$500-1,000", "$1,500-3,000", "$4,500-8,000"

Large Wheel Loaders, "$1,000-3,000+", "$3,000-9,000+", "$9,000-15,000+"

The above are the rental fees per day/week/month respectively.

Is it better to rent a used wheel loader for a wheel loader? Or is it better to buy a new machine? This needs to be matched with the user's needs, which mainly depends on how you want to use the wheel loader, how long you use it, long-term work or short-term work? Will the content of your job change or will it never change?

When we figure this out, we will know whether it is more appropriate to rent a wheel loader or buy a new one.

Judging by the data of leasing wheel loaders, if you need wheel loaders for a long time, the cost and risk of buying a new machine is the most reasonable for you, Luyu's wheel loaders are cheap and can help you build your business, Quick payback


Do you now understand the cost of buying a wheel loader? If you are interested in us, please contact us to get a free consultation and quotation immediately