920FC wheel loader UK

920FC wheel loader UK
920FC wheel loader UK
920FC wheel loader UK
920FC wheel loader UK
920FC wheel loader UK
YN 25
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
1 year
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
Rated load
920FC wheel loaders UK are specially developed by LUYU Heavy Industry for exporting to Europe, America and other regions. Adopt European-style stream line design, meet European market demand, strong power, high cost performance, wide operating range, can be equipped with quick-change device, four-in-one bucket, fork, hydraulic adjustable forks,pallet forks, road sweeper, snow blower, rotary Pit machines, lawn mowers, grippers, grass forks, European grips and other attachments can meet the needs of different foreign customers.

920FC Wheel loader Working Environment

The compact body structure and small turning radius make our machines suitable for various working conditions: construction sites, ports, docks, stations, freight yards, grain yards, paper mills, municipal construction, greening and other narrow working space.

This loader is well adapted to the UK market


Rated bucket capacity0.4m³
Hopper width1400mm
Rated load800kg
Total weight2500kg
Engine typeYN 25
Power of engine37kW
Dumping height2800mm
Dumping reach680mm
Minimum ground clearance220mm
Minimun Turning3938mm
Unloading angle35°
Distance between axles1935mm
Distance between wheels1100mm
Transmission assembly240 Integrated Single High-Speed Gear Box
Maximum fuel consumption235g/kw·h


advantages of 920FC wheel loader 

  1. The streamlined rear engine hood design meets the aesthetics of European and American customers.

  2. The large landscape sunroof is integrated with the front windshield, which reduces the blind spot of the cab and expands the field of vision

  3. It adopts Yunnei 490 engine, which is economical and fuel-efficient, compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, good in power performance, low in vibration, low in noise, and good in reliability.

  4. Machine’s pipeline combing, neat and orderly

  5. The cab is equipped with a fire extinguisher and a safety hammer to improve driving safety 

  6. The top of the cab is equipped with protective net, working lighting, warning light

Because of these advantages, this wheel loader is well adapted to the UK market.

We can provide highly customized services to meet different customer needs. With a wide range of products and a variety of attachments, it is a one-stop purchasing platform for customers. The quality is reliable and guaranteed, and the after sales service is provided to relieve customers' worries about using the machine.

LUYU will be your best choice, let us develop and grow stronger together. 


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Name: Sears        time:2022-10-18 11:46:05
My customers love it, the machine is beautiful and runs smoothly, I plan to buy a few more wheel loader

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