928FC wheel loader for sale

928FC wheel loader for sale
928FC wheel loader for sale
928FC wheel loader for sale
928FC wheel loader for sale
928FC wheel loader for sale
YN 27
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
1 year
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
Rated load
The compact wheel loaders are widely used in railways,hydropower,highway, construction, mines and etc. Which is compact and small body in the lower price gained a good market from all over the world.

Wheel Loader 928FC Overall Size

928FC wheel loader for sale ,overall size: 5600*1810*2680, equipped YUNNEI engine,rated loading is 1500kg, bucket capacity is 0.6m³, compact and small body, which is on sale now,competitive price.


Rated bucket capacity0.6m³
Hopper width1800mm
Rated load1500kg
Total weight3636kg
Engine typeYN 27
Power of engine42kW
Dumping height3200mm
Dumping reach680mm
Minimum ground clearance240mm
Minimun Turning4550mm
Unloading angle35°
Distance between axles2155mm
Distance between wheels1490mm
Transmission assembly265 Integrated double High-Speed Gear Box
Maximum fuel consumption252g/kw·h

advantages of 928FC Wheel Loader 

  1. 928FC wheel loader for sale, was designed and built using market-leading technology with an emphasis on the environment and operating safety.

  2. 928FC wheel loader for sale,The engine cover is easy to open,which provides quick access. And easy to maintenance.The diesel tank and fuel filter can help to ensure the routine maintenance.

  3.  928FC wheel loader for sale, Enlarge the cooling,the bigger air inlet inside can provide the high fuel efficiency working and save cost  

  4. 928FC wheel loader for sale, Special designed engine cover for the best hear dissipation and easy to maintenance. Equipped MP3, radio,extinguisher,LED lights,rear view camera can be optional.

  5. 928FC wheel loader for sale, Equipped high quality H type hydraulic oil pipe,have a good performance of prevent oil leakage


Features of  Wheel Loader 928FC

  1. 928FC wheel loader for sale,equipped YUNEI 490 engine, strong power,high reliability,precise control,lower fuel consumption rate and comprehensive energy saving of more than 5%.

  2. 928FC wheel loader for sale,Reinforced heavy-duty axle, made by cast iron,integral ring gear and large modules gears, have a good performance of overloading and resistance. Meet all working environment. 

  3. 928FC wheel loader for sale, The reinforced frame is optimized by professional finite element analysis.  The cab is made of toughened glass,wide view.  Door can be opened on both sides, it is more convenient to get on and off the car, adjustable direction machine,luxurious suspension seat, fully sealed cab design, noise reduction, clean, health, driving more comfortable


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Name: Hackett        time:2022-10-18 11:27:53
I bought this wheel loader machine speculatively. I live in the UK and I was therefore concerned about buying from China. My experience has been perfect. this is a great compact wheel loader, robust and very powerful.

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