How much does a mini excavator cost

How much does a mini excavator cost
Buying directly from the manufacturer is the cheapest and most reliable way. You can get in touch with the manufacturer. LUYU provides you with all models of mini excavator to meet your needs. The price of purchasing 1 set of mini excavator is $2700-$4990.

How much does a mini excavator cost

How much does a micro-digger cost is a concern for all users. If it is for personal use, first of all, you should consider choosing high-quality, so that the use time can be prolonged, and the phenomenon of wear and tear is not easy to occur. From a comprehensive point of view, the high-quality mini excavator is the most cost-effective factor.

When purchasing a mini excavator, it is necessary to clarify what project it will be used for, whether it is dismantling, digging trenches, or digging mountains. The accessories selected for different construction sites will also be different.

For any contractor or individual user, using a mini excavator can replace working labors and reduce costs.

In the long term, the return rate of mini excavator is very high, but most has a high upfront cost when purchasing, causing many users to hesitate or even give up the idea of buying mini excavator. What you need to do is to purchase one that fits your budget and cheaper, while the product performance is also very good, through our rationalized recommendations.


What factors affect the Cost of mini excavator?

Normally, a moderate  Cost is be between $29,700 - $48,700. If you have market research on mini excavator, you will find that the excavator from famous brand will be higher, and brand awareness is one of the key factors in determining the cost. The mini excavator COST from LUYU brand is only $2700 - $4990.

Core Component:

The most important core components of mini excavator are the engine and hydraulic system. These are the two most important parts that determine the performance of your mini excavator, and also directly affect the Cost. If your project is very simple, you only need the simplest excavation. You can buy a very cheap mini excavator. But if your working environment is very harsh and the work project demands much more, it is recommended that you use a better engine and hydraulic system.

  1. Thickened chrome-plated layer of oil cylinder, quenching and modulation, imported seals

  2. Double taper H-type O-ring high pressure explosion-proof oil pipe

  3. Hydraulic gear pump imported from Shimadzu, Japan

  4. NHI multi-way valve

  5. Center rotary motor

  6. Eaton drive motor

  7. Central rotary joint



The maintenance times of the mini excavator also determines the cost. As long as the excavator is still in use, there will inevitably be failures. Mini excavator that hardly require maintenance are more expensive in the market, and the initial investment will be large. Similarly, mini excavators with high maintenance frequency will have lower investment costs in the early stage.

The most popular mini excavator brands on the market based on the cost

There are many brands of mini excavator in the market, and different brands have different quality and Cost. When you decide to buy mini excavator, we should know the situation of more brands in the market.

  •  Caterpillar, Caterpillar's 300.9D model is the most compact excavator in the world, and the cost is $33000-$37000 .

  • BOBCAT, if you want to buy the latest model, the cost is $20000 - $30000.

  • There are many models of Kubota, the cost of all excavators is different, $49000-$77000 .

  • Yammer's smallest mini excavator is the SV40. The cost of each excavator is different. The used SV40 is about $69,900 .

  • There are also many types of Komatsu models, and the cost range is $24000-$80000 .


Different channels to buy mini excavator have different cost

1. The local dealer in your country, if you know what type of mini excavator you want, you can directly visit the local dealer's warehouse to buy, but the purchase cost is more than 50%

2. Through e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Alibaba, made in china, etc., you can find many mini excavator, but there will be many trading companies.

3. Through the manufacturer, contacting the mini excavator manufacturer for purchase is the most direct way and the cheapest way.


Choose the right mini excavator, find the right manufacturer

Buying directly from the manufacturer is the cheapest and most reliable way. You can get in touch with the manufacturer. LUYU provides you with all models of mini excavator to meet your needs. The cost of purchasing 1 set of mini excavator is $2700-$4990 

Advantages of buying through LUYU:

Less trade company, you can pay lower cost to buy mini excavator.

Complies with Euro V and EPA emission standards.

Standard after-sales process to keep your machine up and running.

One-stop service for core accessories.

Meet custom requirements and technical requirements.

Ready to buy a mini excavator?

If you are interested in mini excavator, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. LUYU's sales team provides 24-hour service.


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