LY 388 backhoe loader for sale near me

LY 388 backhoe loader for sale near me
LY 388 backhoe loader for sale near me
LY 388 backhoe loader for sale near me
LY 388 backhoe loader for sale near me
LY 388 backhoe loader for sale near me
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
Wooden case packing/container
vehicle size
backhoe loader for sale near me, our suggestion is to choose LUYU. We can do customization according to the requirements of your local country, and meet the needs of local users. The relevant accessories of Luyu's backhoe loader are all from the original factory, while ensuring the quality, which can be shipped quickly to the user. Each backhoe loader is quality inspected before leaving the factory to ensure that the backhoe loader sold near me is good quality.

Feature of backhoe loader for sale near me

When the backhoe loader works, the operator only needs to turn the seat to change the working end. Feature of backhoe loader for sale near me, all kinds of works need to excavate and carry dirt. Ditches are dug for pipes and underground cables, made the foundations for buildings and establish the drainage systems. Although many other tools can also do this kind of work, the backhoe loader can greatly improve the efficiency.


Specification of backhoe loader for sale near me

                                                                                                   Overall size
wheel spacing(mm)1850/2000
Minimum ground clearance(mm)300
Minimum turning radius(mm)6580
Performance Specification
System pressure(Mpa)28
Total Weight(kg)8320
Top speed(Km/h)22
Maximum gradeability(°)35
                                                                                             Mining parameters
Maximum telescopic digging depth(mm)4000/5200
digger unloading height (mm)4500/5300
Maximum digger radius (mm)5800/7100
Maximum lifting height (mm)5800/7100
Maximum lifting height (mm)6060/7200
Bucket Capacity (m3)0.3
Excavator rotation angle (°)190
                                                                                               Load parameters
Maximum unloading height (mm)2742
Maximum unloading distance (mm)1062
Bucket capacity (m3)1
Rated load (KG)2500
Rated power (KW)85
Rated speed (r/min)2400
Number of cylinders - inner diameter4-105
                                                                                             Transmission system
gearboxFixed shaft power shift
Number of gearsbefore 2 after 2
torque converterYJ280
Typewheel side reduction axle
service brakeAir-cap oil caliper disc brake
Parking brakehandbrake

Advantage of backhoe loader for sale near me

Backhoe loader for sale near me Compared to large single-function equipment (such as crawler excavators), backhoe loaders are easier to open up to your local market, and at the same time, backhoe loaders are compact in size. Backhoe loaders can also move around on various construction sites and even drive on the road. While some mini loaders and excavators may be smaller than backhoe loaders, using a backhoe loader saves a lot of time and money if a contractor is doing both digging and loading.


How to buy backhoe loader

Confused about how to buy a backhoe loader from the manufacturer?

  1. Find a distributor/manufacturer

  2. Send an inquiry

  3. Payment

  4. Shipping the backhoe loader

  5. Pick up the goods from the destination port

  6. Shipping to final destination


If you are ready to buy backhoe loader, contact us immediately. Luyu's sales teamwill provide you consultation service free in charge 24 hours.

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