TJ188 2ton rated loader wheel loader shipped to Philippines

LUYU machinery

2 sets of Luyu wheel loaders were sent to the Philippine market. LUYU's 2-ton wheeled excavator with a rated load capacity won the favor of the market with its excellent performance and high quality

The TJ188 model is the latest wheeled excavator upgraded by Lu Yu. It has good performance and stable center of gravity. It adopts Q355 steel plate, and the axles, gearboxes and cooling systems have been upgraded. Key upgrades have been made in the cab, with large space and clear vision, allowing operators to have a comfortable environment throughout the day, greatly increasing work efficiency.


2ton rated loader wheel loader, a variety of attachment replacement, easy to handle your work, TJ188 model can allow you to operate with the lowest cost, wheel loader machine suitable for a variety of scenarios road, railway, port, wharf, coal, mine , water conservancy, national defense, etc.


LUYU will invest more energy in the Philippines. For the Philippine market, LUYU will deliver two TJ188 wheel loaders this time. If you want to buy wheel loaders in the Philippines, you can contact our experts and we will recommend the best wheel loader for you. best choice.



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