Top 25 wheel loaders manufacturers in the world

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Top 25 wheel loaders manufacturers in the world
Wheel loaders have been developed for a century and have evolved to the point where there are more and more types of wheel loaders around the world, from compact wheel loaders to mega wheel loaders, which have become indispensable machinery for contractors and farms. At the same time there are more and more manufacturers of wheel loaders, and with the development, manufacturers pay more attention to the durability, comfort and science of the machine. The world consists of many wheel loader manufacturers, here are mainly the top 25 most common ones.

1.Sany Heavy Industry 


Sany Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. The main business of Sany Group is the equipment manufacturing industry with the theme of "engineering". Its leading products include concrete machinery, excavation machinery, hoisting machinery, and road construction machinery. Pile machinery, wind power equipment, port machinery and other types. In 2021, Sany will have a turnover of US$14.418 billion/7.5%. Sany is the most powerful wheel loaders manufacturers in China.



Cat is a company known for its special equipment that makes the construction process easier. Their machines are often commissioned for more important projects. Their front-end wheel loaders are reliable, efficient and fuel-efficient, can perform a wide range of operations and are comfortable for operators to use. They make handling, loading and moving materials easier, faster, more accurate and more profitable.

The Cat Compact Wheel Loader 903D is the most powerful and high-performance machine available. Its 25% increase in lifting capacity and travel speed allows operators to perform tasks more efficiently. Its innovative optional features, such as ground speed control and engine, provide customizable control of hydraulic machine tools. New multifunction joystick and travel controls provide all-day operator comfort.

With $24.824 billion/13.0% revenue in 2021, Caterpillar's wheel loaders lead the world and are now the most popular wheel loader manufacturer on the market



XCMG is a leading global manufacturer of wheel loaders. Founded in March 1989, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. With the enterprise spirit of "strict, practical, progressive and innovative", XCMG has been developing new products with high value-added and high technology content, and the turnover of XCMG China in 2021 is USD 15.159 billion/7.9%.



Doosan is a Korean group of companies headquartered in Seoul and one of the Fortune 500 companies. "Under the guidance of the corporate philosophy of "quality management and technology leadership", Doosan Infracore China has developed into a popular and trusted manufacturer of wheel loaders with superior product quality in today's competitive market. 2021 Doosan Infrastructure (Korea) turnover of $7.109 billion/3.7% 



JCB is one of the top-selling wheel loader manufacturers in Europe, minimalist design and high work efficiency are the definitions of JCB loaders. A British family owns the company, and as such, its wheel loaders are the embodiment of British persistence. They are mainly used for agricultural, construction, government, defense and waste management purposes. They are spacious, have a comfortable cab, provide back support and avoid injury in long-term projects, JCB UK exports $4.000 billion / 2.1% in 2021



Volvo offers a complete equipment solution for your project. Its motive is to serve the construction industry by manufacturing superior machinery and equipment. Its precise control and economical quality make Volvo machinery. The Volvo L50F is known for its highly responsive hydraulic mechanics, making it suitable for heavy duty tasks. Its engines are mounted laterally to offset the weight of the front loader, reducing the time to complete tasks. It is the best choice for use on challenging terrain. Sweden's Volvo CE in 2021 is $8.846 billion/4.6%. Volvo is one of the most powerful wheel loader manufacturers

7.Hyundai Loader


Hyundai has successfully built a solid brand image of reliability, consistency and durability. The company provides you with products that will not let you down. They pay attention to every detail and put the operator's comfort first. The Hyundai HL 900 series loaders have been tried and tested to deliver consistent performance compared to other well-known brands. They have hydraulic controls that allow you to make precise adjustments and adjustments based on material density, application and attachment type. Its ride control, programmable digging and many other features make it a well-known loader series in the market. 2021 Hyundai Construction Equipment Turnover: $2.345 billion / 1.2% in Korea, Hyundai is one of the most promising wheel loader manufacturers



The Komatsu loader adopts Japanese innovative technology, with ultra-low fuel consumption and high cost performance. The company is committed to making equipment that is environmentally friendly, stable, mobile, and tough; its advanced technology has served the construction industry for many years. The Komatsu P&H L-2350 are the most used wheel loaders today and they are one of the best for heavy lifting tasks. In 2021, the turnover of Komatsu Japan is US$19.995 billion/10.4%. Komatsu’s turnover is second only to Caterpillar, making it the second largest wheel loader manufacturer in the world

9.Deere & Company


Deere & Company, headquartered in Moline, Illinois, is an American company that manufactures agricultural, construction and forestry machinery under the popular John Deere brand name.

Hydraulic loaders for John Deere tractor models up to the 6R are manufactured at the company's Arc-lès-Gray plant in eastern France, north of Lyon. But for compact tractors and 7R and 8R machines, they come from the John Deere factory complex in Ramos, northern Mexico. 2021 John Deere turnover $8.947 billion / 4.7%, Deere is one of the best-regarded wheel loader manufacturers

10.LUYU Heavy Industry


Luyu Machinery was established in Laizhou City, Shandong Province in 2005. It has become one of the leading enterprises in the production of construction and agricultural machinery in China, covering an area of more than 120,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of more than 40,000 units.

It mainly produces small loaders, excavators, micro excavators, automatic mixing tank trucks, forklifts and other construction machinery series. In order to meet the market demand, Luyu company independently developed more than 100 new products, with more than 100 kinds of accessories, realizing one-stop selection, multi-purpose, fast conversion of accessories, greatly improving work efficiency and satisfying many Scenario work requirements, simple operation and low fuel consumption, are multi-functional products required by all walks of life

Luyu focuses on technological innovation and upgrades products every year according to customer needs. The 22 latest wheel loaders are more in line with engineering dynamics, strengthen the overall structure, improve stability, and independently develop drive axles and newly designed and developed working devices and buckets. , the action is fast, the digging force is large, and the efficiency of shovel loading is greatly improved. Lu Yu has also upgraded the comfort of the wheel loader to improve the sealing and structural firmness of the cab. Lu Yu is the most potential wheel in China. One of the manufacturers of loaders



Founded in 1992, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of high-tech equipment such as construction machinery and agricultural machinery. Its leading products cover 11 major categories, 70 product series, and nearly 600 varieties. It is the first A+ company in the industry. H-share listed company with a registered capital of 8.667 billion yuan and total assets of 131.5 billion yuan, ranking fifth among global construction machinery companies and one of the most powerful wheel loader manufacturers in China



Liebherr is not only one of the leading manufacturers of wheel loaders, it is also a customer-approved supplier of technically innovative user-oriented products and services in many other areas. Liebherr has development and production facilities with components in 29 locations in 12 countries on 4 continents. Liebherr technology is firmly based on the foundations of the construction and civil engineering industry. The company's construction machinery program includes a complete range of tower cranes, truck-mounted cranes, hydraulic excavators, dump trucks, hydraulic pipe hoists, wheel loaders, crawler tractors and loaders, pipelayers, concrete mixing plants and mixer trucks

13.Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


Sunward Intelligent was founded in 1999 by Professor He Qinghua of Central South University. It started with a revolutionary innovative product - hydraulic static pile driver. Now it has developed into a listed company - Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. as the core, and has successfully developed More than 200 specifications and models, high-end equipment products with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness, are exported in batches to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The "SUNWARD" trademark has been registered in dozens of countries around the world. Sunward is one of the most popular wheel loader manufacturers in China

14.China Lonking Holdings Limited


China Lonking Holdings Limited referred to as "Lonking", is a large-scale construction machinery enterprise founded in Longyan, Fujian in 1993. With strong technical research and development strength and excellent facilities and equipment, China Lonking has independently developed and manufactured more than 500 types of complete machine products in four categories with core competitiveness, such as loaders, excavators, forklifts and road rollers. China Lonking is a worthy company. Trusted Wheel Loader Manufacturer



Yanmar is the general name of the enterprise group led by Japan's Yanmar Holding Co., Ltd., as well as the brand of construction vehicles, agricultural machinery, diesel engines and small ships.

With the industry's first purpose-built hydraulic quick coupler for easy attachment changes from the operator's position, Yanmar is one of the world's leading manufacturers of wheel loaders. Yanmar Japan's turnover in 2021 is US$469 million / 0.2%

16.Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd.


Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Liugong) is the core enterprise of Liugong Group, one of the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China. Its leading products are 1.5t-10t (rated load) wheel loaders, 0.11-1.2 cubic meters (bucket capacity specification) crawler hydraulic excavators, 10-25 ton (working mass) road rollers, medium and large tonnage forklifts, road machinery products such as asphalt paver, grader, milling machine and road mixer, as well as flexible and multi-purpose Small product lines such as skid steers and backhoe loaders. It is one of the largest wheel loader manufacturers in China

17.Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (Shandong Lingong), founded in 1972, is a large-scale backbone enterprise in the national construction machinery industry, a top 100 Chinese machinery industry, and a national high-tech enterprise. The main products are scraper excavation series, road machinery series, mining truck series and small construction machinery series. Shandong Lingong is one of the brand manufacturers of wheel loaders in China

18.Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd.


Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1951, is a key large-scale national enterprise producing construction machinery products such as loaders and excavators. Xiamen Engineering will have an annual production capacity of 40,000 loaders, 15,000 excavators, 5,000 forklifts, and 3,000 road machinery, making it one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in China today.

19.Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shantui Co., Ltd.), its products cover more than ten types of main engine products, chassis parts, transmission parts, and structural parts, including bulldozer series, road machinery series, concrete machinery series, loader series, and excavator series. And other construction machinery accessories. Bulldozers have ranked No. 1 in global production and sales for 16 consecutive years. They are among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers and top 500 Chinese enterprises. Shantui is one of the leading brands of wheel loader manufacturers.



A Wisconsin-based equipment manufacturer offering 11 different models of wheel loaders. Here's how users describe the CASE G Series: Control wheel loader operations like never before. The enhanced CASE G-Series wheel loaders simplify operation with a touchscreen display and provide the operator with greater control with adjustable electro-hydraulic controls, optimized power modes, and programmable configurable buttons near the joystick. These buttons keep your most-used settings and functions just inches from the joystick, further simplifying operation. CASE is one of the most popular wheel loader manufacturers on the market



Classification of wheel loaders not by size, by function

Wheel loaders from WACKER NEUSON stand for optimum efficiency output, high-grade materials, long service life, good maneuverability and fast maintenance. Our wheel loaders are a true all-rounder on your construction site and just the right equipment for your many other requirements". WACKER NEUSON is one of the world's best-selling wheel loader manufacturers



Hydraulic wheel loaders for one model of Kubota's M6002 and M7003 tractors were procured through an OEM supply agreement with MX, but all other models are manufactured by Kubota's Industrial Equipment Operations in Jefferson, Georgia, USA.

An OEM supply agreement with Dutch company Toboroco Giant underpins Kubota's range of compact wheel loaders, but the models currently sold in the UK are built by the company's construction machinery business in Zweibrucken, southwest Germany. Kubota is one of the most productive wheel loader manufacturers in the world

23.Chengdu Kobelco Construction Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd.


The company is mainly engaged in the operation, sales and service of "Chenggong" series of wheel loaders, vibratory rollers, graders and "KOBELCO" series of hydraulic excavators. kobelco is one of the most powerful wheel loader manufacturers in the world



Established in 1998, a well-known machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise, a large-scale industrial equipment enterprise integrating the manufacturing of construction machinery, agricultural equipment, vehicles, engines and core components

Weichai Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a well-known machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise. It is committed to realizing intelligent manufacturing, intelligent management and intelligent services through industrial Internet technology, providing interconnection, efficiency and reliability for global modern agricultural production, urban life construction and resource industries. the overall solution. At present, there are about 13,000 employees and its business covers more than 120 countries and regions around the world. Lovol is one of the largest wheel loader manufacturers in China



Hitachi Construction Machinery is one of the world's leading manufacturers of wheel loaders. It was established in 1970 and is headquartered in Tokyo. Its main business is the manufacture, sales, leasing and service of construction machinery, transportation machinery and other mechanical equipment. Construction machinery in 2021 The manufacturing turnover is 8.549 billion US dollars, accounting for 4.5% of the world.

With the development of the industry, the global brand manufacturers of wheel loader have more and more demands. If you are unable to determine the model or size of the wheel loader you want, our suggestion is that you should consult a professional wheel loader first. Type loader manufacturer, LUYU has more than ten years of experience in the construction machinery industry and can provide you with the best advice, contact us immediately for a free quote and consultation


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