YC 928 3 Ton all terrain forklift for sale

YC 928 3 Ton all terrain forklift for sale
YC 928 3 Ton all terrain forklift for sale
YC 928 3 Ton all terrain forklift for sale
YC 928 3 Ton all terrain forklift for sale
YC 928 3 Ton all terrain forklift for sale
Quanchai 495B26
Rated Power
Operating Weight
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vehicle size
Rated Lifting Weight(KG)
Lifting height (mm)
Fork length (mm)
The brand-new YC 928 3 Ton all terrain forklift sold by LUYU has super obstacle driving ability, especially suitable for driving operations on depressions and muddy roads. If you are an end user, buying a YC 928 3 Ton all terrain forklift is your best choice. If you are a dealer, the YC 928 3 Ton all terrain forklift will be your best business to do.

Trends in 3 Ton all terrain forklift for sale

3t all terrain forklift plays a very important role in "handling equipment" and is one of the important supporting infrastructures for industrial development. All terrain forklift is widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yards, factory workshops, warehouses, circulation centers and distribution centers, etc. According to the statistics of the World Industrial Vehicle Statistics Union WITS, the global sales volume of forklifts from 2011 to 2020 showed an overall growth trend.

In 2020, a total of 1.5826 million forklifts will be sold globally, a year-on-year increase of 5.98%.

In the future, according to the growth rate, the global demand for all terrain forklifts is expected to continue to grow. According to the growth rate of previous years, the global forklift market is expected to grow to 2.12 million units by 2026.


Feature of YC 928 3 Ton all terrain forklift

  1. All terrain forklift is easy operations on slopes and uneven grounds

  2. Super obstacle driving ability

  3. High-efficiency engine, high power, high working efficiency of all terrain forklift

  4. Lengthen the wheelbase, increase the counterweight, and the forklift operation ability is stronger

The operating weight of YC 928 all terrain forklift is 3 tons, which can easily meet the working needs for most users. At the same time, the YC 928 all terrain forklift has sufficient power, flexible steering and better stability. It can be matched with forks, as well as with buckets, double clamps, wood grabbers, upper glands, booms and other attachments.


Specifications of YC 928 3 Ton all terrain forklift for sale

Overall working weight (KG)4200
Rated Lifting Weight(KG)3000
Lifting height (mm)3000
Load center distance (mm)600
Front inclination angle of gantry (°)6
Backward angle of gantry (°)12
Fork length (mm)1270
Fork maximum adjustment width1060
Maximum speed (km/h)≥22
Overall size6340*2100*2900
engine modelQuanchai 495B26
Rated Net Power (kW)36.8
Rated speed (rpm)2400
Maximum torque (N m)181
Number of cylinders4
Bore (mm)Φ95
Minimum ground clearance (mm)230
Fuel tank (L)66
Hydraulic tank (L)66


Advantages of YC928 all terrain forklift over ordinary forklift

  1. The off-road forklift has a powerful engine and adopts all-wheel drive and off-road tires.

  2. Ordinary forklifts can only work on flat roads, while terrain 3 ton all terrain forklift can work on common roads, as well as on mountain roads and dirt roads. The tires have strong grip and do not slip.

  3. Terrain forklift can drive on hills, mountains, beachheads, sand, snow, ice and muddy roads, and have good off-road performance.

  4. The speed of terrain forklift is higher than that of ordinary forklift

  5. Ordinary forklifts are two-wheel drive, while terrain forklifts are four-wheel drive.

  6. The chassis of ordinary forklifts is low, while the chassis of terrain forklift is high.

Compared with ordinary forklifts, terrain forklifts can work on all kinds of road conditions.


Precautions for 3 Ton all terrain forklift in winter

  • Do not operate the hydraulic system until the oil in the hydraulic system is hot, otherwise the hydraulic components may be damaged in severe cases and a pump accident may occur. The terrain forklift should control the speed during driving, maintain the distance between vehicles, and avoid emergency braking. The braking interval in cold weather is about 2 times longer than usual. Prohibit sharp turns, reduce the impact force when turning, and prevent the rigid structural parts of the terrain forklift from breaking.

  • For seasonal maintenance of equipment, check the freezing point of antifreeze.

  • After starting the engine of the terrain forklift normally, please allow enough warm-up time to run it under low speed and light load conditions until the engine, transmission, hydraulic system and transmission oil are hot.

 Because the temperature of all terrain forklifts is relatively low in winter, in order to prolong the life of the forklift, the above maintenance needs to be done.


If you want to know more information about all terrain forklifts, such as all terrain forklifts price, all terrain forklifts packaging, all terrain forklifts transportation, etc., please contact our experts and give you detailed answers.

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