ZL932 2 tons rated loader wheel loaders in Vietnam

ZL932 2 tons rated loader wheel loaders in Vietnam
ZL932 2 tons rated loader wheel loaders in Vietnam
ZL932 2 tons rated loader wheel loaders in Vietnam
ZL932 2 tons rated loader wheel loaders in Vietnam
ZL932 2 tons rated loader wheel loaders in Vietnam
HUAFENG 4102 Turbo
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LUYU wheel loaders are famous in the Southeast Asian market for their excellent value for money and high quality, ZL932 2 tons rated loader wheel loaders have been upgraded, the latest exterior design, excellent performance, 1 wheel loader can be used for many kinds of work, it is popular in Vietnam by many dealers and operator's favorite

ZL932 2 tons rated loader wheel loaders for Vietnam working condition

The compact body structure and small turning radius make our machines suitable for various working conditions: construction sites, ports, docks, stations, freight yards, grain yards, paper mills, municipal construction, greening and other narrow work sites. In recent years, Vietnam has begun to vigorously develop sustainable resources and effectively utilize natural resources. Wheel loaders have performed very well in the mining industry.

wheel loaders for Vietnam market research

As one of the rapidly developing economies in Asia, Vietnam has seen steady GDP growth in recent years, a good external environment, and a stable investment market, making Vietnam more and more demand for wheel loaders. With Vietnam's industrial infrastructure, civil and other large-scale The development of the project will bring more opportunities for the products of the construction machinery industry. Luyu's construction machinery products have entered the Vietnamese market with high quality and high cost performance, which is in line with the overall situation of the Vietnamese market. If you want to buy wheel loaders in bulk, you can contact our experts for a free consultation today.


Specification of ZL932 2 tons rated loader wheel loaders

Different working conditions require special equipment. LUYU's wheel loader configuration can meet the requirements of various working conditions. Luyu can adjust the parameters of the machine according to different customers and working conditions. If you want to buy or rent wheel loader machine, LUYU is your best choice


ZL932 wheel loader selling point

  1. The diversified configurations and various optional attachments adapt to the construction needs in different regions and under different working conditions.

  2. The bucket is made of high strength material to realize high wear and impact resistance.

  3. The steering cylinder is placed in the middle to improve the stability of the machine

  4. The position of the priority valve move to front and the pipeline direction is more reasonable, which is convenient for maintenance.

  5. The optional A/C and the sound insulation and noise reduction measure build elaborately a comfortable operating environment.


2 tons rated loader wheel loaders efficiency

Significantly reduce operating costs, reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel efficiency, while reducing maintenance costs for users, whether you are an operator or an agent, these are all issues that need to be concerned.

Yield is also what all users care about, especially the leasing business. Users care about spending the cheapest cost to create greater benefits. LUYU upgrades the wheel loader to increase the output of the wheel loader and improve the profitability of the machine. , moving more material simultaneously at a lower cost.


If You Want to Buy Wheel Loader

Customer focus on the product:

Delivery time 7-10 days after received the prepayment

One year warranty once the customer received the machine

Payment method:30% TT as prepayment, the remaining 70% should be paid after loading machines

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I do not think I would get such good quality. The wheel loader machine is perfectly made and very powerful. I can very well imagine doing more business with Kerry

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