0.8Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator For Sale In Europe

0.8Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator For Sale In Europe
0.8Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator For Sale In Europe
0.8Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator For Sale In Europe
0.8Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator For Sale In Europe
0.8Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator For Sale In Europe
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
2 years
Wooden case packing/container
0.8 ton mini excavator, famous brand hydraulic components to ensure the high reliability of the hydraulic system, smooth movement, labor-saving operation. Optional Yammer/Kubota engine,Comply with EPA and Euro V

LUYU 0.8T Mini Excavator belongs to compact excavator, which can work in narrow areas.

 Compared with mechanical operation, the 0.8Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator has advantages as below

  • 0.8 Tons of hydraulic excavator hydraulic oil can be easily transmitted to various positions through pipes, so the hydraulic actuators are allowed to maintain long distance from the hydraulic pump, and can be installed willingly according to equipment requirements and environmental conditions without restrictions.

  • 0.8 Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator can easily realize stepless speed regulation, and the speed regulation range is large. Speed regulation power has no limitation.

  • 0.8 Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator  is easy to realize load control, speed control and direction control, which is also easy to carry out centralized control. The movement is smooth and the operation is labor-saving. Therefore, it can meet the needs of the highly automated development of modern machinery.

  • All moving parts of the 0.8 Ton hydraulic Mini Excavator transmission system from excavators work in oil and have good lubrication conditions, while at the same time, it is easy to realize automatic overload protection, so it is good to improve the reliability of the system and the working life of components.

In Europe, the 0.8-ton mini excavator is suitable for urban construction and garden agriculture applications in Europe


Compared with electric, 0.8 Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator has advantages as below

  •  0.8 Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator Small weight and light volume. The motor is limited by magnetic saturation, but the hydraulic pressure that the hydraulic machine can withstand is only limited by the strength of the machine itself. Therefore, the energy of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors is much larger than that of electric motors and generators. Statistics show that the quality of hydraulic machinery per unit power is only about one-tenth of that of the motor at present.

  • 0.8 Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator Small inertia and fast response. Because the torque-inertia ratio of hydraulic motor (the ratio of driving torque and rotational inertia) is much larger than that of electric motor, its acceleration performance is good

  • 0.8 Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator Low speed stability of low-speed hydraulic motors is much better than electric motors.

  • The application of hydraulic transmission of 0.8 Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator . It can simplify the electrical system of machinery, which is good for work environments where there is a risk of explosion, such as underground coal mines.

The 0.8-ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator is designed according to the needs of European customers, and is Luyu product to expand the European market


0.8 Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator CE certified , complies with EURO V emission standards.

International famous brand engines are optional, KOOP/Yammer/Kutoba, 0.8 Ton Hydraulic Mini Excavator which can meet the high-standard EURO V emission standard, with strong power, stable performance, smooth and efficient operation, and effectively reduce fuel consumption.


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Great 0.8ton mini excavator!The seller is very professional, all problems are solved for us, the goods are delivered quickly and the mini excavator is intact. We have started to put it into use and prepare for the next order

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