Cheapest mini excavator for sale quebec

Cheapest mini excavator for sale quebec
Cheapest mini excavator for sale quebec
Cheapest mini excavator for sale quebec
Cheapest mini excavator for sale quebec
Cheapest mini excavator for sale quebec
KOOP 192F/Yammer/Kutoba
bucket capacity
Delivery Time
7-10 day
Shipping Method
1 Year
Wooden case packing/container
FOB Price
With the recovery of the global economy, the development of urban construction, road traffic, urban greening and other engineering construction projects, the market demand for mini excavator is increasing. Due to the low purchase cost and the cheapest price, mini excavator can quickly help your project profit. mini excavator It can solve the problem of bulky large excavators and work in narrow areas. According to the forecast of experts, the sales of mini excavators of various tonnages continue to rise, and sales are expected to increase by 15% in 2024. If you want to sale mini excavator in quebec, the following models are the best choices

Features of  mini excavator

Whether you are an end user, mini excavator for sale or lease in quebec, in the long run, mini excavator can give you a quick payback. Due to the characteristics of the mini excavator, it is very popular among buyers

1. The body of the mini excavator is made of Q235B steel, and the main stress-bearing parts, such as the arm, bucket, side swing, chassis, etc., are individually thickened and widened to increase the stress strength and ensure stable performance.

2. The bucket teeth of the bucket are made of cast steel, strong and wear-resistant, and powerful for digging

3. You can customize functions such as side swing, chassis telescopic, extended arm, etc., which can easily face various challenges, and make your excavator narrower when necessary, and can pass through a narrower working area.


Mini excavator specification

Boom length


Stick length


Bucket capacity


Maximum excavation radius


Maximum excavation radius of the ground


Maximum excavation depth


Maximum discharge depth


Minimum discharge height


Maximum excavation height


Maximum height of bucket pin


Maximum vertical arm excavation depth


Maximum vertical excavation radius


Minimum excavation radius


Minimum turning radius


Bucket action angle


Maximum lifting height of bulldozer blade


Maximum lowering depth of bulldozer blade


Height from ground to turning frame


1 ton~2ton mini excavator is one of the best-selling products, through customer feedback, we will change the specifications of the product according to different customer requirements, so as to achieve the best performance. If you want to sell mini excavator in quebec, compared with other large brand excavators, our price is more advantageous, the price is cheap and the quality and performance of the product are guaranteed at the same time, we can equip with yanmer and kubota engines, which meet EPA emission standards.


mini excavator Price 

Usually, the price of many brands of excavators is 29,000 US dollars to 48,000 US dollars. Some brands are more expensive, and some are cheaper. According to your requirements, you can use 20,000 US dollars to buy a high-performance mini excavator, which may also cost more

The price of 1 ton mini excavator sold by LUYU is US$3,000~5,000. The price will vary depending on your job requirements.

The 1.7ton mini excavator sold by LUYU is priced at US$11,000~12,000, with stable performance and stylish appearance. More functions can be added.

If you want to sell mini excavator in quebec, we recommend these two models more, it will help you quickly start business and get benefits.


The buy process of mini excavator

  1. Find a manufacturer

  2. Initiate consultation/message

  3. Make payment

  4. Find an agent

  5. The goods arrive at the port

  6. Unloading

Many customers are worried that there will be extra costs for buying mini excavator. We will consider for you in advance what you need to worry about. Our staff will provide you with a clear price list. The most important thing is to choose a reliable manufacturer who will do it for you. Save thousands of dollars in fees.


The service of mini excavator

We can supply a full range of excavator models and accessories

We have an independent research and development department, all mini excavators can be delivered after design, and can be modified according to different working conditions.

After we receive your message, we will reply to your question within 8 hours

We conduct quality inspection before delivery to ensure that the machine is consistent with the order after you get it

If you want to sell mini excavator in quebec, whether it is city construction, gardening, or ditch digging, our machines can meet your needs, and we have cheap price and high quality mini excavator. Now just need to contact our experts, you can get free consulting services.


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