50HP Wheel Tractor for sale in Africa

50HP Wheel Tractor for sale in Africa
50HP Wheel Tractor for sale in Africa
50HP Wheel Tractor for sale in Africa
50HP Wheel Tractor for sale in Africa
50HP Wheel Tractor for sale in Africa
50HP Wheel Tractor for sale in Africa
Overall dimension (L × W × H)
3340×1430×2170 mm(Roll bar top)
Min. weight
1450 KG
Max.theoretical design speed
24.66 km/h
Engine power
Wheel base
Delivery Time
10-15 days
Wooden case packing/container
LUYU tractor series products for sale, the 50HP wheel tractor has the functionality, durability, and cheapest price, all of which are very suitable for African countries. Powerful diesel engines allow compact wheeled tractors to pull heavier loads. The turning radius is small, and the work facing narrow spaces can be easily solved. The operation is simple. We will provide learning videos and manuals to make everything easier. In order to meet the needs of more users, we have as much as possible the most diverse tractor attachments for users to choose from. 50HP wheel tractor is the key product sale in Africa, buy now to get the biggest discount

How to choose small wheel tractor

The first step in buy a small wheel tractor, you need to determine what your main job will be. If you are a user, you will be clear about what your job is, because you need to repeat this work for a long time.

If you are in the leasing business or sale small wheel tractor, you need to list your user groups and make judgments by analyzing your target users. Choosing the right tractor equipment will make your work easier.

Buy a small wheel tractor, you also need to choose the correct attachments. Different attachments are suitable for different tasks, for example:

  1. Digging a ditch, pond, or housing foundations

  2. Tilling large gardens

  3. Log splitter

  4. Rakes and harrows

  5. Box Blade

  6. Landscaping

  7. Clearing overgrown fields and mowing

  8. Animal Management etc 

If you want to sale small wheel tractor in Africa, contact us experts for more information


Advantages of 50HP Wheel Tractor

Compact or small tractors, they are growing in popularity due to their size and versatility. They're small enough to fit into the tightest of spaces, yet durable enough to perform a variety of jobs.

The price and maintenance cost of compact or small Tractor is also very low, Mauritius is one of the most developed countries in Africa, relying on agriculture to drive the economy, 50HP wheel tractor is very marketable in Mauritius, if you want to sale wheel tractors in Africa, we recommend This model.


Specifications of 50HP Wheel Tractor

Item Uint LYT504D Specification
Model/ 504D Wheeled tractor
Driving type / 4WD /4WD
Overall dimension (LWH)mm3340×1430×2170 Roll bar top
Wheel base mm 1970
Regular wheel tread(front/rear) mm970/1090
Wheel tread(front/rear) or gauge mm 970 1030 1100/960-1200
Min. ground clearance mm 255mm255
Min. weightKG1450
Standard Counterweight (Front/Rear)KGequipped
Min. service ratio kg/kW 39.4kg/kW39.4
Qty of shift gears (forward/backward)/8+2 or 8+8
Maxi. theoretical design speed km/h 24.66 km/h24.66
ROPS / roll over protection system (roll bar)
Engine power kW 36.8kw@2400rpm kW36.8kw@2400rpm
Air filter type/Wet-type
Steering system type/hydraulic steering
Tyre Model (Front/Rear) /7.0-12/13.6-16
Hydraulic suspension system type /separate
Type of suspension /3 point suspension
Qty of hydraulic output groups /1
Qty of splines(pto shaft) / 6/6
Standard speed of pto shaft r/min 720r/min720

50HP Wheel Tractor is one of the key products of LUYU to develop the African market. According to different user needs, the specifications of 50HP Wheel Tractor will be adjusted. If you want to buy tractors in bulk and sale them near you, please contact us and get free consulting service immediately .


Procurement process for 50HP Wheel Tractor

Finding a reliable manufacturer is the most important part of the purchasing process. In addition to the cost of buy a Wheel Tractor, the cost of after-sales service and maintenance also needs to be considered. Choosing a reliable manufacturer for purchasing wheel tractor can save you thousands of dollars

  1. Leave a message/start a conversation to get a quote

  2. Make an international payment

  3. Delivery of 50HP Wheel Tractor

  4. Get the 50HP Wheel Tractor at the destination port

  5. Ship to your destination

This is the whole process.


After-sales service

Compared with other manufacturers, our after-sales service after sale wheel tractor is also very strong

After-sales support: LUYU tailor-made services for customers, this kind of after-sales service is not one-time, as long as you buy our wheel tractor, you are our customer, and we will provide you with service throughout the entire service life of the tractor . We provide our customers with maintenance advice and emergency repair solutions.

Parts and accessories: We provide accessories support at the fastest speed. In case of emergency, the accessories of 50HP Wheel Tractor are also very versatile and can be bought anywhere.

Attachments for Wheel tractor: No tractor is complete without the right attachments, we can provide our customers with attachments for all kinds of jobs at the cheapest price compared to other wheel tractor

Contact us now and get a free consultation and quote today!

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