Farm Multi-Purpose 1.7 Ton Mini Excavator

Farm Multi-Purpose 1.7 Ton Mini Excavator
Farm Multi-Purpose 1.7 Ton Mini Excavator
Farm Multi-Purpose 1.7 Ton Mini Excavator
Farm Multi-Purpose 1.7 Ton Mini Excavator
Farm Multi-Purpose 1.7 Ton Mini Excavator
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
2 years
Wooden case packing/container
Agricultural 1.7-ton mini excavator is an excavator used for farmland water conservancy infrastructure construction and small earthmoving operations. Agricultural excavators have strong flexibility, good adaptability, and low purchase and use costs, making them indispensable for agricultural and rural construction. With the continuous development of agricultural excavators, their own application functions are gradually increasing.

Specifications of 1.7 ton mini excavator

Bucket capacity0.02M3
Excavation height2500MM
Excavation depth1500MM
Unloading height1820MM
Ground clearance380MM
Wheel spacing580MM
Chassis width940MM
Radius of gyration1190MM
Bucket width400MM
track width 180MM
Track length1200MM
Transport length2100MM
Full vehicle height2150MM
Overall size2200*940*2150MM
Vertical excavation depth1320MM
Ground excavation radius2450MM
Bulldozer lift height120MM

Agricultural characteristics of 1.7t mini excavator

For the multi-functional agricultural 1.7-ton mini excavator, it has shown many features and advantages during the working, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Meet the requirements of farmland moving operations. In the design of the walking device of the multi-functional agricultural 1.7-ton excavator, an integral rubber crawler is used. At the same time, in order to effectively enhance the field off-road capability of the excavator, the second set of the track rollers on the chassis of the excavator is a floating setting mode.  In the process of practical application, this setting method can effectively promote the safety and reliability of the excavator in the field driving, and can also effectively prolong the service life of the excavator traveling device.

2. The 1.7-ton agricultural mini excavator has strong working power. The power output form used by multi-functional agricultural excavators and traditional excavators is different, which is mainly reflected in the application advantages of the engine in driving the hydraulic main pump and additional pumps, and at the same time promoting part of the power output to drive other working parts to work smoothly. In the process of actual operation, the two working parts will not interfere with each other to ensure the realization of its versatility.

3. The 1.7-ton mini excavator can effectively meet the diversified needs of agricultural production operations. The multifunctional agricultural excavator can use a variety of construction machinery attachments, which can well meet the relevant requirements of agricultural production. The construction machinery attachments can be installed on the multifunctional agricultural excavator according to production needs, and can also perform 360° slewing operations, which will be able to promote the smooth development of various production operations and improve production efficiency.


Advantages of 1.7t mini excavator in agriculture

1. Due to the design of the tail radius, when the 1.7-ton agricultural mini excavator works in a limited working environment, the operator  does not need to consider whether there are obstacles that hinder the rotation of the mini excavator, so that the operator can focus  more on the bucket.

2. The main feature of the agricultural mini excavator in narrow areas is its special boom design. The boom of the 1.7-ton agricultural mini excavator is hinged on the body and can swing in a wide range. This design makes the 1.7-ton mini excavator possible to avoid obstacles when going around without the need to move the body frequently. At the same time, this makes the mini excavator convenient for excavation work on or beside walls. The rubber tracks of the agricultural mini excavator help reduce damage to narrow areas and roads during agricultural operations.

3. The crawler-type walking track of the agricultural mini excavator transfers the load to the ground through the rollers and the walking frame connected with the slewing ring. The track surrounds the driving wheel and the guide wheel. In order to reduce the deflection of the upper branch, the track consists of 1 or 2 load rollers are supported to carry the load. The drive of the traveling device is driven by a hydraulic motor, and the drive wheel is driven by the reducer to drive the entire operating device. When the track is elongated due to wear, the tensioning device can adjust the tension


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