60HP mini tractor price for Philippines

60HP mini tractor price for Philippines
60HP mini tractor price for Philippines
60HP mini tractor price for Philippines
60HP mini tractor price for Philippines
60HP mini tractor price for Philippines
Overall dimension (L × W × H)
3170×1500×2335mm(Roll bar top)
Min. weight
Max.theoretical design speed
31.6 km/h
Engine power
Wheel base
Delivery Time
10-15 days
Wooden case packing/container
The 60HP Mini tractor is a great choice for farms in the Philippines. Their smaller size brings many benefits, and the price is cheapest, which is a good way to help users save money and time. Buying different farm equipment can be expensive, and that's the advantage of the mini tractor's cheap price. The price of LUYU 60HP Mini tractor is $4700~$5500, depending on different configurations, the price will be different.

Application of 60HP mini tractor

According to Luyu's research on the Philippine market, users in the Philippines prefer to use a 60HP mini tractor and use a variety of different tractor attachments. Most Popular Jobs In The Philippines:

  1. Lifting hay bales with a fork and spear attachment

  2. Moving materials with a front loader attachment

  3. Mowing with a rotary cutter

  4. Building a fence with an auger attachment

  5. Planting seed with a planter

If you want to purchase a 60HP mini tractor, first you need to know what your job is, and analyze the power you need according to the job content. If you sell the tractor in the Philippines, our cheapest price will help you increase your market share and gain more benefits.


Specifications of 60HP mini tractor

ItemUnitLYT604 4WD Specification
Overall dimension (L × W × H)mm3170×1500×2335 Roll bar top
Wheel base mm1970
Regular wheel tread(front/rear)mm1210/1180
Wheel tread(front/rear)mm1210 1310/1105-1430
Min. weightkg1850
Standard Counterweight (Front/Rear)kgEquipped with
Min. service ratiokg/kw41.95
Number of shift gears (forward/backward)/8+2 or 8+8
Max.theoretical design speedkm/h 31.6
Type of roll protection device/Roll bar or cabin
Engine powerkw44.1kw@2300rpm
Steering system type/hydraulic steering
Tyre Model (Front/Rear)/6.5-16/11.2-24
Hydraulic suspension system type/Separate
Type of suspension/Three-point rear suspension
Suspension Category/Category Ⅱ
Number of splines of PTO shaft/6 or 8
Standard speed of PTO shaftr/min540/720

The specifications of the mini tractor can be adjusted. According to different customers, LUYU can provide customized services. If you want to purchase 60HP mini tractor for sale in Philippines, our experts will provide you with a plan. Contact us for free quotation and consultation.


mini tractor price for Philippines

There are many different types of Mini tractors to choose from, and choosing the right equipment and manufacturer can save you thousands of dollars. The horsepower of Mini tractors is generally 40HP, up to 100HP. The following is an example of the price of mini tractor sold in the Philippines

The price of 50HP mini tractor is $4000-$5000 

The price of 60HP mini tractor is $4700-$5500 

The price of 70HP mini tractor is $5500-$6000

The price of 80HP mini tractor is $8300-$8800

The price of 90HP mini tractor is $8500-$9000 

The price of 100HP mini tractor is $8700-$9200

This is a popular tractor model in the Philippines. The price will vary according to different configurations. While the mini tractor can meet the needs of users, individuals can afford the cost because the price of these tractors is very cheap. If you are engaged in the rental business of mini tractors in the Philippines, you can also sell mini tractors as a distributor, LUYU is a manufacturer, and you can save 30% of the cost by purchasing mini tractors through the manufacturer. If you want to buy mini tractor in bulk, please contact us to get a free quotation and consulting service.


Advantages of 60HP mini tractor

1. Cheap price, if you are engaged in agriculture in the Philippines, it is very expensive to buy different equipment, the cheap price of mini tractor can solve this problem for you. There are fewer materials and lower cost to manufacture 60HP Mini tractor, LUYU allows you to spend the least money to get the tractor you need

2. Easy to maintain. If the equipment needs maintenance, LUYU will provide maintenance suggestions and manuals. Compared with the large tractor, the maintenance cost of the mini tractor will be lower. Due to the small size, the time for inspection and cleaning will be less.

3. Simple operation, 60HP mini tractor tractor is small in size and easy to operate. Our staff will provide you with operating instructions, if you do not have operating experience, it will not take long to learn. Mini tractors can usually go through fence doors, barn doors, and livestock sheds. Gain access to more space on the farm, get more done and save you time.

4. Convenient storage. When the mini tractor is not in use, the equipment needs to be placed. Because of the compact structure of the mini tractor, it is easy to find a storage location, which can prevent wear and tear caused by the weather.

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