L100-9L wheel excavator engine

L100-9L wheel excavator engine
L100-9L wheel excavator engine
L100-9L wheel excavator engine
L100-9L wheel excavator engine
L100-9L wheel excavator engine
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
Wooden case packing/container
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Maximum digging force
The 100-9L wheel excavator has a streamlined appearance design, a beautiful appearance, and imported hydraulic parts, and the water-cooled four-cylinder engine have more stable performance and good reliability. The fuselage can be rotated 360 degrees, the wheelbase is lengthened, and the driving stability is more stable.

L100-9L wheel excavator engine energy saving and environmental protection

The engine of the L100-9L wheel excavator adopts a water-cooled four-cylinder EFI supercharger. The advantages of the EFI engine are better fuel-saving effect,more sensitive power performance, and higher combustion efficiency, which will also reduce harmful gases to a certain extent. emission, which is in line with the global industry trend of promoting energy conservation and emission reduction


L100-9L wheel excavator engine more reliable

The L100-9L wheel excavator adopts a water-cooled four-cylinder engine that is more reliable and durable, capable of handling heavy construction tasks, saving you time and money with its efficient and reliable performance, good digging force, convenient operation and speed combined , the equipment can be put into work efficiently every day, the compact power hydraulic system and the improvement of fuel efficiency mean lower maintenance costs and less impact on the environment


L100-9L wheel excavator more comfortable and safe

The optimized design of L100-9L wheel excavator provides you with the best working environment. The luxurious cab has better sealing and shock absorption performance, and is more comfortable to operate. It can be equipped with air conditioning for heating and cooling, and the operating environment is more comfortable. Adopt 62.5kw engine, strong power, reliable work and strong performance.


5 configurations of L100-9L wheeled excavator protect your interests

  1. Power system: L100-L wheel excavator exclusive water-cooled four-cylinder EFI supercharged engine; strong power, high degree of commonality of spare parts, and low comprehensive maintenance cost;

  2. Digging force: first-class digging force in the same level, fully capable of complex construction environment;

  3. Production efficiency: L100-9L wheel excavator can provide a variety of optional work attachments, which can maximize equipment utilization;

  4. Excellent driving performance: longer wheelbase design, better driving stability

  5. Size: ideal size and working range to meet transportation, driving and construction requirements;


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