LY120-9 wheel excavator sale in Australia

LY120-9 wheel excavator sale in Australia
LY120-9 wheel excavator sale in Australia
LY120-9 wheel excavator sale in Australia
LY120-9 wheel excavator sale in Australia
LY120-9 wheel excavator sale in Australia
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LUYU 120-9 wheeled excavator meets all your needs for sales in Australia, with the digging force of heavy equipment and the precision of light equipment, with a climbing ability of 35°, which can be easily completed the construction works in sloping environment.

LY120-9 Wheel Excavator Dimensions sale in Australia

The overall size of LY120-9 wheel excavator is 7100*2300*2920mm. Design is streamlined, and beautiful in modern. The maximum excavation height is 7500mm. The maximum excavation depth is 4400mm. The extended wheelbase design, which enable the driving more stable. LUYU120-9 wheel excavation is perfect for you to sell in Australia


Use of the LY120-9 Wheel Excavator sale in Australia

L120-9 wheel excavator is mainly used for digging water ditches, planting fruit trees, soil farming, planting trees, urban construction, road repair, farm renovation and other small space working environment. It perfectly replaces labor and solves the problem of expensive labor. The L120-9 wheel excavator is your ideal equipment to sell in Australia.


Features of the LY120-9 wheel excavator sale in Australia

  1. Imported hydraulic parts, more stable performance and good reliability

  2. Extended wheelbase design, better driving stability

  3. Equipped with bulldozer blade and outriggers, more stable when excavating

  4. The cab has better sealing and damping performance, and the operation is comfortable, allowing the operator to work in a comfortable environment.

  5. It can be equipped with a matching grab, which can quickly replace atatchments, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the machine.

The outstanding features of the LY120-9 wheel excavator guarantee reliability for sale in Australia.


Advantages of LY120-9 Wheeled Excavator Sale in Australia

1. The LY120-9 wheel excavator has the advantage of fast transition, with a walking speed of 35KM/H. Compared with the crawler excavator, the transportation cost is lower and the speed is faster.

2. The strong power of LY120-9 wheeled excavator can quickly and efficiently fulfill the needs of different users and different working conditions.

3. Before each wheel excavator leaves the production plant, we will test it to ensure sales in the Australian market

4. The LY120-9 wheeled excavator combines the opinions of hundreds of users. After many times of design and debugging, this product is completed. From the user's point of view, this machine is more practical.

5. The core parts of the LY120-9 wheel excavator have undergone professional durability tests to ensure stable operation even under high strength.wheel-excavator-Australia.jpg

LUYU has more than 17 years of industry experience and product knowledge. The LY120-9 wheel excavator sold in Australia has after-sales guarantee, our technical manual can extend the service life of your LY120-9 wheel excavator and reduce the failure rate.

If you need to sell LY120-9 wheeled excavator in Australia now, contact us immediately, and we will provide you with 24-hour professional service.

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