L95 wheel excavator price

L95 wheel excavator price
L95 wheel excavator price
L95 wheel excavator price
L95 wheel excavator price
L95 wheel excavator price
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The L95 wheeled excavator is a tire-driven construction excavator. It has fast walking speed, can move around by itself over long distances, and can quickly replace a variety of operating devices. It has the advantages of maneuverability, flexibility, efficiency and reasonable price, winning customers 's favorite.

The price advantage of L95 wheel excavator

The use of the L95 wheeled excavator is particularly prominent in excavation operations. Regardless of any country, efficient excavation has become the core of sustainable development of mechanical automation. The birth of the L95 wheeled excavator completely changes the inefficiency of labor. The rotating body and wear-resistant bucket make the L95 wheeled excavator work efficiently, with lower operating costs and more price advantages.If you are buying L95 wheeled excavator in bulk, now, L95 wheeled excavator price is $28000-$45000


L95 wheel excavator Fast transition is cheap

The wheel excavation travels fast, does not damage the road surface, can switch fields by itself at a long distance, and can quickly replace a variety of operating devices. The walking speed of the L95 wheeled excavator is 27km/h. Compared with the expensive transfer fee of the crawler excavator, the wheel excavator has a price advantage during frequent transitions.


Fuel consumption of L95 wheel excavator

The L95 wheeled excavator is cheap and has low fuel consumption. It is a high-efficiency and low-energy-consumption model. The common excavator with long arms consumes a lot of fuel. The L95 wheeled excavator solves this problem. All are made of light and high-strength materials, which will not make the excavator run under heavy load, and the fuel consumption is even lower than that of ordinary excavators. Because the L95 wheel excavator adopts long arm processing, it can make the bucket capacity larger, the working distance is longer, and the walking is less, which is more competitive than ordinary excavators.


Effectively reduce the fuel consumption of the L95 wheeled excavator

 If the L95 wheeled excavator is not working, but the engine is still running. At this point, the engine is running at idle speed, and the fuel is completely wasted. Therefore, it is recommended to shut down the L95 wheeled excavator when parking for a long time and stop the engine to effectively reduce fuel consumption.

Avoid high-speed operation for a long time. Excessive engine speed will greatly increase fuel consumption and reduce fuel consumption efficiency. It is suggested that the engine speed can be appropriately reduced to improve fuel consumption efficiency without affecting operating efficiency.


L95 wheeled excavator reasonable operation 

Pay attention to the reasonable operation of the L95 wheeled excavator. When digging, it is best to avoid one-time digging; otherwise, the digging radius or depth is too large, and the requirements for the power system are too high, which will increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, it is recommended that the operators adopt a staged periodic excavation method from shallow to deep, from small pits to large pits.

Control a reasonable excavation angle. When the boom cylinder is at 90 degrees to the boom, bucket cylinder and connecting rod, the driving force of the cylinder is greater and the work efficiency is higher. At this time, digging is the most labor-saving and fuel-efficient

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