L60D wheel excavator Clean oil tank

L60D wheel excavator Clean oil tank
L60D wheel excavator Clean oil tank
L60D wheel excavator Clean oil tank
L60D wheel excavator Clean oil tank
L60D wheel excavator Clean oil tank
Rated Power
Bucket Capacity
Operating Weight
2 years
Wooden case packing/container
L60D wheel excavator is a mechanical equipment that uses buckets to excavate materials above or below the ground surface and load them into transport vehicles or unload them to a stockyard. Due to the high workload and high work intensity of the excavator, maintenance must be paid attention especially in ordinary times.

Three schemes for cleaning oil tank of L60D wheel excavator

1.Reserve some diesel oil in the fuel tank of the L60D wheeled excavator, and then extend the compressed air of 19.6~29.4KPa into the bottom of the fuel tank with a plastic pipe to make the diesel oil toss for cleaning, and constantly change the position and direction of the lower end of the air pipe to make the whole fuel tank is cleaned, and the diesel fuel in the fuel tank is released immediately after purging, so that the impurities suspended in the oil flow out with the diesel fuel. If the outgoing diesel oil is dirty, use the method to clean it again until the outgoing oil is free of impurities.

2.Drain the diesel oil, remove the fuel tank of the L60D wheel excavation, then fill the diesel tank with water more than half of the tank, and guide the steam into the water from the fuel port to make the water in the diesel tank boil for about 1H. In this way, the colloid and residual diesel molecules adhering to the inner wall of the box can be dissolved in water. Lightweight dirt floats to the surface and is washed away. In this way, twice in a row, the diesel tank can be rinsed clean.

3.Wash the diesel tank of the L60D wheeled excavator with hot water, then dry it with compressed air to remove the diesel vapor inside, and finally put the diesel tank into an aqueous solution containing 10% sodium hydroxide for dipping. Rinse the inside and outside of the diesel tank with clean water after immersion. If external rust is found, use a wire brush to clean it.


How to prevent water from entering hydraulic system of L60D wheel excavator

There are 3 ways for L60D wheel excavation hydraulic system to enter water.

1. There is a mechanical failure in the hydraulic system, resulting in a loose pipeline seal. For example, the leakage of the cooling coil will cause the hydraulic system to enter the water.

2. The L60D wheeled excavator works in a humid and watery environment for a long time. The surrounding air humidity is too high, and the water vapor enters through the hydraulic oil tank.

3. In the process of cleaning, oil change and maintenance, the waterproof measures are not well done, and the water is brought into the hydraulic system during the operation.


The hydraulic system of L60D wheel excavation is very difficult to handle once water enters. For normal use, we can only adhere to the preventive strategy to minimize the safety threat caused by water intrusion.

(1) Drain the water in time. It is recommended to open the water valve every three days to release the water.

(2) Strengthen the sealing measures of the hydraulic system, and add waterproof sealing devices to hydraulic pumps, valves, oil cylinders and other components to prevent moisture from entering.

(3) For L60D wheeled excavators working in wet and watery areas, it is necessary to install a dryer on the breathing hole of the hydraulic oil tank to prevent the entry of water vapor.

(4) Take waterproof measures during maintenance in rainy days, and try not to replace hydraulic components and hydraulic oil in rainy days.

(5) If the water inflow is not too serious, you can use an oil-water separator to separate the water; for the hydraulic oil that has been seriously emulsified and has been discolored and deteriorated, it is necessary to completely extract the deteriorated oil and replace it with a new hydraulic oil, and find the cause of the water ingress and solve it. 


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